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screening machines update continued Haver, joint owner of Haver & Boecker. "It is clearly a win-win for all personnel, sales channels, vendors and most of all, the customers we serve." "A few years ago, I began developing a succession plan that would ensure that Major Wire would continue to expand and provide a long-term opportunity for our employees after I retire," said Jean Leblond, president and owner, Major Wire Industries. He added that he has found a partner that shares the same val- ues, desire to invest in the future, and focuses on the customer first. W.S. Tyler pioneered many of the standards the mining, industrial mineral and aggregate industries operate under. The company has specialized in design- ing, manufacturing and servicing custom screening technology for more than a century. It also has an Architecture & Design division that creates unique design solutions made out of woven wire. Since being purchased by Haver & Boecker in 1997, W.S. Tyler has intro- duced a new wave of innovation in screening technology while also branch- ing out into environmentally friendly technologies, including washing and pel- letizing. Major Wire is a leading manu- facturer of innovative screen media, including Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned and Modular and OptimumWire Woven Wire. Major Wire recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of Flex-Mat indepen- dently vibrating wire technology, now in its third generation with Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned and Modular versions. Since its introduction in 1996, Flex-Mat tech- nology has revolutionized the screening industry, providing solutions to common screening challenges and a way to increase product value and return on investment. Previously, self-cleaning screen media was mostly available through European manufacturers, result- ing in long lead times and high costs for North American screening operations. Leblond solved this problem when he began locally manufacturing tensioned self-cleaning screen media produced without cross wires that lasts up to three times longer than traditional woven wire. Since then, Major Wire has been able to manufacture the product cost effectively with competitive lead times for screening operations throughout the world. Unique in design, Flex-Mat technolo- gy is made of crimped wires assembled side-by-side and held together by dis- tinctive lime-green polyurethane strips. Because each wire vibrates independent- ly, it increases material screening action and in-spec material throughput, virtual- ly eliminates blinding, pegging and clog- ging and reduces downtime spent cleaning or replacing screen media. Major Wire further advanced Flex-Mat technology by introducing 1-foot x 1-foot (305 mm x 305 mm) panels for modular screen decks in 2007 and 1-foot x 2-foot (305 mm x 610 mm) modular panels in 2011. To date, Flex-Mat vibrating wire technology has been proven in more than 20,000 aggregate, mining and recycle applications worldwide. Initially available in Series D and T ten- sioned panels, Flex-Mat technology was offered in Series S in 1999 and LFM Harp Wire in 2001. Introduced in 2005, its third generation, Flex-Mat 3 Tensioned, provides more open area and screening capacity than woven wire. Now available in Flex- Mat 3 Modular, it also provides more open area and screening capacity than tradition- al polyurethane and rubber panels. In both versions, the technology increases product throughput by up to 40%. Flex-Mat 3 pro- vides benefits on every screen box deck: eliminating near-size pegging on top decks, producing cleaner retained product through the middle decks and preventing fine material blinding on bottom decks. For tensioned screen decks, Flex-Mat 3's signature lime-green polyurethane strips align to the screen box's crown bars and hold individual wires in place as they run from hook to hook. It is available in the industry's broadest range of opening sizes—30 mesh to 4 inches—and with the widest range of application-specific wire diameters. On modular screen decks, Flex-Mat 3 is available in 1-foot x 1-foot (305 mm x 305 mm) and 1-foot x 2-foot (305 mm x 610 mm) panels to replace existing polyurethane and rubber panels on each deck wherever throughput is compromised or the entire deck for maximum production. Flex-Mat 3 Modular is available in a variety of attach- ment systems to fit virtually any flat-surface deck. Double Force Rotary Electric Vibrators For heavy-duty mining and industrial screener applications, Cleveland Vibrator Co. coupled rotary electric drives deliver consistent, reliable force outputs up to 80,000+ lb. These double force rotary electric vibrators are ideally suited for applications where more force is needed than one vibrating motor can generate, and where division of vibrating force is essential for the maintenance of equip- ment intensity. Coupled Cleveland Vibrator RE-54-8 units have 900 rpm rotary electric vibra- tor motors that are available in 230, 460, 380 or 575 Volt 3-phase versions. All of the 900 rpm rotary electric vibrator motors are rated for continuous duty at the maximum force setting. On modular screen decks, Flex-Mat 3 is available in 1- x 1-ft panels. 44 The 10-hp coupled rotary electric RE- 54-8 460V vibrators exert a maximum February 2012

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