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FEB 2012

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screening machines update continued force of 10,800 lb with an unbalanced moment of 1,220 inch-lb. The units draw 29.2 amps at 230 volts and 17.2 amps at 460 volts. The mechanism weighs 1,505 lb, including connecting gear. For spe- cialized equipment needs, coupled rotary electric heavy-duty industrial vibrators can be customized. In addition to double force rotary elec- tric vibrators, Cleveland Vibrator also offers a large stock of more than 50 models including four frequency ranges, 3,600, 1,800, 1,200 and 900 rpm, and force out- puts from 30 to 40,000+ lb. The durable rotary electric line offers the lowest noise level of any type of vibratory deviceā€”an average of 58bdbA at 4 ft. Permanently greased bearings require no maintenance. Continuous duty design allows opera- tion at maximum force setting in the worst environments, and without aggravation of periodic shut down. A simple mechanical adjustment on the eccentric weights allow adjustable force outputs. Rotary electric vibrators from Cleveland Vibrator permit the eccentrics to be set at any point from 0% to 100% of full force output. The units are pre-set from the factory at 40%. The Coupled Cleveland Vibrator RE-54-8 generates motion at low noise levels. The terminal box and cabling have been designed to withstand vibration, dust and humidity. The terminal box itself is packed with a specially devel- oped compound which is non-hardening and has high adhesion to protect the motor leads. The lead cable is an anti- vibration, butyl rubber insulated, chloro- prene cabtire cable which guarantees long life. February 2012 45

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