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44 January-February 2017 product news Modular Wet Screen Can Replace Hydrocyclones Metso's new UltraFine screen utilizes a modular design with up to 10 individual screen decks nested together into a single vibrating assembly. It is a high-frequency vibrating wet screen designed for applications requiring separation from 0.075 to 1 mm, and is re- ported to be an excellent alternative to hydrocyclones for low-ca- pacity plants or for operations with heterogeneous materials. UltraFine Screens can also be used in conjunction with hydrocy- clones in a two-stage classification circuit to get the best balance between cost and efficiency, Metso reported. The company believes accurate feed distribution across the 10 decks is critical, so the unit also incorporates a patent-pending feed splitter box to ensure the feed is evenly distributed across the complete width of each screen deck. According to Metso, this machine arrangement delivers double the screening area relative to other fine screen technologies in a much more compact overall assembly. The smaller footprint contributes reduced building and infratructure cost and thus reduces the capital cost to implement this technology. Bucket Screens Waste ALLU unveiled the G-Series 4-32 F, a 35-ton material processing bucket for 250- to 300-metric-ton (mt) front shovel mining ex- cavators. With a payload of more than 55 tons (50 mt), it is the world's largest, the company reported. The first model in the G-Series, the 4-32 F doubles as a mate- rial processor, screening out waste rock in mining cells as it loads ore onto transport dump trucks. This transforms an excavator into a mobile heavy processing machine. In many operations, it allows the miner to leave the majority of waste rock in the mining cell, the company reported. The 14.2-yd 3 (13-m 3 ), 32-mt G 4-32 F comes equipped with the ALLU DARE data reporting system, which enables remote monitoring of the equipment and material processing performance. The bucket is 12.4 ft high by 15.6 ft wide by 12.3 ft deep. 'Connected' Glasses Enhance UAV Safety and Efficiency Epson's new Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition glasses are opti- mized for use with DJI hardware, and are now available for mining operations to enhance the safety, productivity and ca- pabilities of DJI unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Moverio glasses solution is designed to provide a transparent, heads-up display (HUD) to maintain a visual line-of-sight ( VLOS) of the UAV, helping operators adhere to FAA regulations regarding VLOS while increasing the quality of the shoot. The Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition comes preloaded with the DJI GO app for use with most DJI hardware. The Drone Edition glasses feature clip-on dark shades for use in bright sunlight as well as special fasteners that secure the Moverio controller to the DJI phone mount for easy operation. Typically, drone operators must peer down at a smartphone or tablet to view the drone camera feed. This is often difficult in bright sunlight, and takes the user's eyes off the craft. With the Moverio's first-person view (FPV ) "screen," pilots can see hazards and more easily guide their crafts for desired camera views. With the glasses, drone pilots are able to see an in-flight HUD that

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