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28 April 2017 haulage & loading 2017 preview continued This patented design incorporates slots at opposing 45 degree angles providing increased drain rates per square foot over straight slots. The orientation of the slots combined with the vibrating motion of the polyurethane agitates the mixture making it less likely for particles to be driven into the apertures as with straight slots. In field tests, the VST has proven to greatly reduce pegging and blinding problems often associated with fine sizing. Call us at 1-864-579-4594 or visit to find the Polydeck Regional Manager in your area. Available in .65mm, .85mm, and 1mm apertures. Learn more at strengthen the technology skills of their employees. With the im- plementation of the full suite of Micromine products with the forward view of complete integration, EMC is moving forward to fulfil their needs. Adam Norris, Regional Manager – North America, Immer- sive Technologies, will present: Adopting a People, Process and Technology Strategy to Drive Sustainable Workforce Optimization. This study examines the methods used and results achieved from mines who have adopted a people, process and technology strat- egy to drive workforce optimization. Best practices, barriers to achievement and actual case study data are presented. One-time improvement initiatives (driven out of necessity during the min- ing downturn) have already hit the financial bottom line and their impact is lessening. Now operations are looking for sustainable longer-term, solutions that integrate operational data, analytical tools and decision making processes that can be leveraged to im- prove financial outcomes on an ongoing basis. Aligning a work- force development strategy with operational data and analytical tools to improve the speed and effectiveness of training and risk management initiatives has produced large financial gains. Safety & Training In Coordinated Operator Training, Graham Upton, director of business development, Doron Precision Systems will discuss a unique approach to mine equipment operator training. Equipment training using simulators reduces accidents and provides efficiency for the mine operations, improving the pro- ductivity and cost savings for mining companies. Typically, mining simulators can train one operator at a time for particular operations, whether it be haul truck training, shovel operator training or other equipment operators. This presenta- tion will discuss a new concept of coordinated training. This ap- proach allows the operators of two or more vehicles to be fully integrated, immersed, and coordinated within a training scenar- io. Using multiple simulators, one instructor can train several op- erators at a time. Slips and falls from heavy mobile equipment continue to be an issue in mining. In their presentation, Improving Ingress/Egress Sys- tems on Mobile Equipment, William L. Porter and Jonisha P. Pollard; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Pittsburgh Mining Research Division, will show that slips and falls commonly occur during the ingress/egress process with root caus- es being largely unknown. The NIOSH Mining program conducted research to determine the injury mechanism and equipment char- acteristics associated with front end loader ingress/egress injuries. This work included reviewing injuries reported to MSHA and iden- tifying the elements of the system that equipment operators feel create difficulty while getting on or off of their equipment. This research highlights the need for improved mobile equipment in- gress/egress systems and provides areas for design improvement. Josh Savit, senior manager, Predictive Safety, will present Hu- man Fatigue and Impairment – Predicting, Detecting, and Miti- gating. Data science has already begun to revolutionize banking, business, and healthcare, and the same is becoming true for oc- cupational health and safety, creating leading indicators that can prompt actionable results that make workplaces safer.

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