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June 2017 39 conveyor cleaners continued id polyurethane base or rubber buffers, which allow the system to handle belt reversals and rollback with no damage to the belt or splice. "Part of innovation is not only better mechanical performance, but also im- proved workplace operations," Marshall said. "We've found that, in our pursuit to engineer a safer component, efficiency naturally follows." The STS design eliminates many of the factors that expose workers to poten- tial injury. To remove the blade cartridge, operators bring the conveyor to a full stop and make sure that no loose material is near the header. Once the area is deemed safe, using appropriate lockout/tagout procedures, they simply disengage the blade cartridge from the tensioner and pull it out far enough to remove the quick release pin. The blade is replaced, pin reset, rack pushed back into position and the tensioner re-engaged. A single experienced maintenance technician can typically perform the replacement, resulting in a total reduction in the man- hours invested. "Though the STS is currently geared toward heavy-duty conveyor systems, we're working on expanding the technol- ogy to accommodate more of our product line," Marshall said. "Our ultimate goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate reach-in and chute entry injuries related to blade cleaning and maintenance." The best aeration system on the market, guaranteed! » No moving parts – high uptime » Made of indestructible HDPE plastic » Can be built to any size flow » Least expensive, most cost efficient » Cut costs by 40 – 80% ACID MINE WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM MAELSTROM OXIDIZER ™ 40 – 80 % SAVE ON CHEMICAL COSTS CONTACT US for a no cost, no obligation water bench test 724-591-8481 External servicing reduces confined space entry and eliminates reach-in maintenance, while facilitating faster blade replacement.

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