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44 December 2017 product news Crawler Tractor Ups Production, Lowers Emissions Liebherr's 50-metric-ton (mt) PR 766 crawler tractor was designed for power, low emissions, efficiency, driver comfort, and durability, the company reported. With operating weights of between 46,200 kilograms (kg) and 54,200 kg, the tractor is the successor model to the PR 764. It is powered by a 310-kilowatt (422-horse- power) 8-cylinder V-engine. The diesel unit in the PR 766 complies with Stage IV/Tier 4 emission standards, Liebherr reported. An optimized combus- tion process minimizes the particles while they are still inside the engine. The ex- haust gas aftertreatment concept uses se- lective catalytic reduction. As a result, the new Liebherr diesel engines surpass Stage IV/Tier 4 emission standards without the use of a diesel particulate filter. The unit always runs at the optimum efficient speed, Liebherr reported. Due to its hydrostatic drive, the speed of the die- sel engine can be kept constant regardless of the required load. Essential drivetrain components are developed in-house and optimally coordinated, which increases the efficiency of the system. Also, the PR 766 is equipped with the "ECO function." This gives the driver the opportunity to choose between high performance and maximum efficiency. The rig features pro- active power adjustment. This involves both internal engine and external ma- chine parameters being recorded, such as the deflection of the drive joystick; and the engine power is automatically increased periodically based on the current demand. The spacious cab is designed for max- imum comfort, the company reported. It is identical to the driver's platform in the 70-mt PR 776 crawler tractor, launched in 2016. With Liebherr's successful single-le- ver operation, the driver can control all driving and steering movements with just one joystick. Special features in the cab include the centralized control elements and the touch-controlled color display, as well as many storage areas and a cli- mate-controlled storage compartment. Maintenance is simplified via wide- opening access flaps and engine compart- ment doors, Liebherr reported. The rig's high-quality and particularly reliable hy- draulic pumps and hydraulic motors oper- ate with virtually no wear, it reported. The intervals for changing the hydraulic oil on the new PR 766 can be extended to up to 8,000 operating hours. The LiDAT fleet management system, which comes standard, provides compre- hensive machine data via state-of-the-art communication technology, Liebherr re- ported. This improves efficiency by en- abling optimized operational planning and reliable remote monitoring. Data is updated several times a day and can be called up at any time using a web brows- er. An automatic alarm can be set for im- portant information, for example if the machine leaves a predefined zone or if a critical operating situation arises. Drive Designed for Extremes Danfoss announced a new version of its VLT AutomationDrive, which the compa- ny described as modular, adaptable and fit for any environment. It features compact generation D- and E-enclosures. Opera- tional temperature range spans -25°C to 50°C. The solution is designed to be rug- ged enough for challenging environments and applications, the company reported. The VLT AutomationDrive features both hardware and software enhance- ments that maximize performance and provide a level of application flexibility that truly boosts your business, Danfoss reported. The Integrated motion con- troller provides advanced functionality to perform high-precision positioning or synchronization with asynchronous or PM motors with or without an encod- er connection. Additionally, the Motion Control Options provide a way to replace mechanical controls with intelligent, en- ergy-saving electronic solutions. It's possi- ble to add electronic cam control with the VLT Motion Control Option MCO 305, re- ducing system and maintenance costs, or

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