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30 July/August 2018 fuels and lubes continued can take the form of combustion byprod- ucts formed from blowby gases that escape past piston rings, valve guides and turbo- charger seals; fuel or coolant leaks; and soot from various combustion problems — and from environmental factors that may range from airborne dust to road-sur- face stabilization chemicals, for example. New Standard, New Benefits The everyday demands that diesel engine operation place on engine oil, coupled with the specific design characteristics and oper- ational systems built into the new Tier 4 en- gines, made it necessary to create a new en- gine oil standard that went into effect at the end of 2016. The API (American Petroleum Institute) CK-4 standard superceded the ex- isting CJ-4 standard, and products meeting the new standard provide the highest level of protection and performance for engines equipped with emission-control technolo- gies such as EGR or exhaust aftertreatment. Any CK-4 compliant oil provides at least a minimum level of protection for Tier 4 en- gines, and premium CK-4 oils can signifi- cantly exceed the standard. These oils: • Resist oxidation, even under high-heat conditions, minimizing engine depos- its and extending service intervals. • Reduce aeration, which helps pre- vent oil breakdown, cavitation and corrosion. • Improve shear stability, which trans- lates into consistent viscosity under high loads for better lubrication and protection. All major lubrication suppliers have a CK-4 product family, including Shell (Ro- tella), Mobil (Delvac), Total (Rubia), Castrol (Vecton), Valvoline (Premium Blue) and oth- ers. Most are eager to share case histories or other evidence of benefits available to fleet operators that have switched to CK-4 oils. Chevron, for example, claims users can achieve up to 35% improved oil oxidation control, 68% improved wear protection and 64% improved piston deposit control with its Delo 400 XLE 15W-40 synthetic oil. Ac- cording to the company, Delo 400 is for use in new advanced engines developed to meet the latest emissions and reliability standards and in engines equipped with turbocharg- ing, direct injection, higher power density, intercooling, full electronic management of fuel and emissions systems, exhaust selec- tive catalytic reduction, EGR and DPF. Beyond selecting the most appropri- ate engine oil — or for that matter, any type of lubricant used on primary production equipment — Shell and others recom- mend a big-picture approach in which us- ers maintain an ongoing relationship with their lube-product supplier to identify and implement better lubrication management policies and strategies. Shell pointed out that a look at customers who have successfully implemented structured, TCO-driven lubri- cation projects reveals a number of initial ac- tions that help drive success. These include: • Senior management support of the TCO-driven approach to lubrication, to help overcome challenges such as resourcing alongside the demands of daily operations. • Appointing a project lead and allo- cating appropriate time and resourc- es to a team tasked with implement- ing changes. • A good relationship with the lubri- cant supplier, whose technical teams SANIK THE MECHANICS OF MINING MORE INTRODUCING THE MB670-1 BO ER MINER The new Sandvik MB670-1 bolter miner is the latest in a range of proven, productive and reliable bolter miners from Sandvik. Purpose-built for longwall mining, and offering dozens of improvements, this new bolter miner can improve productivity by up to 30% and drive down your total cost of ownership by up to 20%. Learn more about the MB670-1 and the mechanics of mining more. Test results are to be considered as results reached under certain and controlled test conditions. These teat results should not be treated as specifications and Sandvik does not guarantee, warrant or represent the outcome of test results in any or all circumstances. ROCKTECHNOLOG-SANDVIK 7 24 - 246 - 2 9 0 1

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