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JUL-AUG 2018

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July/August 2018 31 fuels and lubes continued play a key role in identifying and de- livering value. • A comprehensive analysis to iden- tify, quantify and prioritize TCO- related projects. Importantly, align- ing on how value is measured enables savings to be recorded accurately. For example: o What is the hourly cost of mainten- ance and time required for repairs? o What is the cost of replacement parts? o What is the benchmark failure frequency? o What is the monetary value of downtime for each piece of equip- ment, in terms of lost production? • Setting measurable targets to ensure that progress can be tracked. As equipment and lubrication tech- nology continue to evolve, regular review will help companies continue to focus effort and resources on projects that deliv- er greatest value — and with battery-elec- tric and hybrid power systems for off-road applications making increasingly frequent appearances at trade shows, test sites and on the job, lubrication knowledge and choice will undoubtedly need to be broad- ened to support these new technologies. Gearing Up Open gears and bearings used in min- ing equipment differ markedly in design, fabrication tolerances, materials and the external environments in which they're used, but both represent major lubrica- tion applications, and both are dependent on proper grease selection and applica- tion when it comes to achieving expected service life. Leading suppliers often can offer greases in comprehensive product families that can function as multipurpose prod- ucts, or as semi-specialized formulations for specific purposes, and even specific brands of equipment. For example, Mobil's Dynagear family of greases includes: • Dynagear 800 Extra and Dynagear 600 SL, which can function as all-season, multipurpose greases and as low-tem- perature, open-gear lubricants. • Dynagear 2000: For applications oper- ating at higher ambient temperatures and requiring greater film thickness. • Dynagear 800 Extra: Meets require- ments of P&H shovels for lubrication of open gears. • Dynagear 4000: Recommended for lubrication of hoist gear on Caterpil- lar Mining electric shovel hoist drum gear sets and in applications where an extra-heavy open-gear lubricant is desired. • Mobil Dynagear 800 Extra: For use as an all-season, multipurpose grease for onboard systems on heavy-du- ty equipment where NLGI 00-grade greases are recommended. The selection of open-gear lubricants available in the commercial market, due to environmental and other issues, has over the past few decades evolved changed from mainly solvent-diluted asphaltic "blackjack" compounds to enhanced for- mulations that have specific compositions ranging from light-viscosity oils with solid additives, heavy-viscosity oils, to combi- nation fluid grease and synthetic oils. Al- though the new products are easier on the environment, their composition makes it a bit tricky to achieve the level of grease-film You Never Have To Settle For "Close Enough" With 4 major product lines, thousands of screen panel design options and a range of specialized material compounds in polyurethane and rubber, we off er more screening solutions than anybody else. So we can hit your product spec … every time … guaranteed! Combined with the fastest turnaround on non-stock orders and our industry-leading service and support, Polydeck is Your Trusted Screening Resource. 1790 Dewberry Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29307 Phone: 1 (864) 579-4594 / Fax: 1 (864) 579-4173

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