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44 July/August 2018 product news continued easier access and maintenance. The stan- dard unit uses a right angle gearmotor to save space and eliminate the need for a belt drive, but belt and pulley designs are also available. Electronic Initiation System Dyno Nobel recently launched the Digi- Shot Plus 4G electronic initiation system, the newest and most sophisticated ad- dition to the Dyno Nobel electronic line. Developed by Dyno Nobel's joint venture partner DetNet, it is designed to reduce costs and increase productivity by reduc- ing blasting delays and introducing pro- gramming speeds seven times faster than existing systems, the company said. Using digital communication between an electronic blasting device and deto- nators, the technology delivers tangible value with improved blasting efficiency to enhanced safety. "Our system offers re- markable capabilities designed to prevent blast delays and speed up blast deploy- ment safely," said Sandy Tavelli, global product manager, Dyno Nobel. The DigiShot Plus 4G System features a fast and simple deployment method, an au- tomatic check to ensure the correct number of detonators per channel, energy monitor- ing right up to the point of blasting, and au- tomatic detection and testing of detonators. This system has two robust downline wires with two deployment methods de- signed to improve safety by reducing time spent on the bench. The wire and detona- tor are packaged as coils or with spools giv- ing customers quick deployment options. Along with deployment options, there are three types of wires available: standard, deep hole and XTM (extreme conditions). The DigiShot Plus 4G Detonator con- tains the new 4G chip and is fully pro- grammable with 15 times more memory for storing and tracking unique identifica- tion numbers, GPS coordinates, and time and date of blasting. The Commander is a multipurpose device functioning as an all-in-one bench box, repeater and the blast box for surface applications. There are four channels on each Commander that can initiate up to 400 detonators, giving total capacity of 1,600 detonators per Commander, and up to 10 Commanders can be used on a bench initiating up to 16,000 detonators. This connection also allows for fast and simple tagging and testing because the Commander is in constant communica- tion with the detonator and the CE4 Tag- ger. The CE4 Tagger gives the firing com- mand with encrypted BlastCards. The CE4 Tagger is a handheld tool that can write the delay time to the detonator during tagging and allows the user to wire- lessly control the blast. It not only aids in detonator troubleshooting, it is also able to record the GPS location of the detona- tor. It can test up to 400 detonators at a time and has excellent battery manage- ment technology, the company said. The system offers a tablet as an op- tional control instrument to connect wirelessly to the Commander. Featuring a full-color graphic user interface, infor- mation is bigger and more readable. Addi- tional benefits include the ability to down- load the full detonator list and access the full-blast design with a helicopter view and blast plan simulation. Password-pro- tected BlastCards are available to wireless- ly interact with the Commander and store encrypted blast commands and remote firing settings. High-speed Backstops U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission recent- ly launched a new line of external, high- speed overrunning backstops. The BRUS backstops are designed to replace the Falk BIF model external high-speed backstops. Tsubaki utilizes a unique felt ring seal and labyrinth body seal design to prevent grease leaking or ingress of contam- inants to provide a backstop with su- perior performance and advanced pro- tection. The Tsub- aki cam design pro- vides non-rollover protection and lift- off operation to en- sure a low operating temperature and long life. The flexible design of the BRUS torque arm allows for re-use during regular main- tenance and replacement. WOUNDED WARRIOR JASON EHRHART AND HIS PARENTS WOUNDED WARRIOR JASON EHRHART AND HIS PARENTS ©2018 Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. All Rights Reserved. SUPPORT WOUNDED VETERANS AT Wounded Warrior Project gives families hope.

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