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32 September 2018 drive systems continued Available Options: 1' x 2' and 1' x 4' with Pin-Style fastening 2'x 2' with PolyRail TM fastening Announcing Metaldex TM Pro, the latest in our line of productivity-enhancing products. It's high-quality, proole wire in a modular package. In both hard chrome and stainless steel and only from the industry leader. Innovative Solutions to Maximize Your Productivity. 1790 Dewberry Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29307 Phone: 1 (864) 579-4594 / Fax: 1 (864) 579-4173 continuously measured and calculated to determine if and how much the TLC has slipped," the company reported. "The sta- tus information can then be used to quick- ly identify any need for action." Measurements are made by inductive sensors mounted in close proximity on each side (input and output) of the TLC, Voith reported. "Fine-tooth trigger wheels mounted to the coupling allow the CMS 310 system to sense the relative move- ment between the two sides," Westberg said. "This provides remote visibility of a machine overload." If the coupling slips, the pulse dif- ference will be sensed, and the control system will inform the operator, Voith re- ported. "As soon as the TLC starts slipping, it gives feedback to an operator that it is slipping, how much it is slipping, and in which direction," Westberg said. "After an alert is given by the CMS 310, the operator can choose to do countermeasures or just leave it be for a while," Westberg said. The system can speak to a parent PLC system. It "uses Profinet communication standard for easy integration in existing industrial process monitoring systems," Voith reported. It can be set to provide alerts for main- tenance. When a defined number of slips occur, "the CMS 310 will indicate that a service is needed by showing a service in- dicator light on the screen," Voith reported. The system produces history logs that help the user set the maintenance alerts, Westberg said. "This is good for the custom- er, to only do service when necessary, not on a time basis but on a performance basis." After the unveiling of the CMS 310 in Vegas, prototypes were developed and de- Increasing intelligence: the CMS 310. During a slip, the pulse difference of the fine-toothed trigger wheels is measured and the data sent. (Photo: Voith)

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