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34 September 2018 drive systems continued November 6-8, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA The MetCoke World Summit focuses on the coke, coal and steel industries, with expert speakers covering topics such as import/export tariffs, recent trends within the industry, market overviews, global expectations, transportation and logistical evolutions, and more. New for 2018! The keynote address from Stelco Holdings, Inc., will present a Market Overview and Factors for Global Economic Growth. Delivered by Alan Kestenbaum, Executive Chariman and CEO for both Stelco Holdings, Inc., and Bedrock Industries - a privately funded metals, mining and natrual resources company who owns and operates integrated steel manufacturing facilities in North America. It's (Met Coke World Summit) the one time each year that all the experts in coke come together SunCoke Energy Met Coke World Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet key people in the business and get updates on the latest trends. Very informative and well-arranged. ArcelorMittal MetCoke World Summit 2018: From Pit-To-Port And Beyond in temperature. It reacts by adjusting fan speed to the optimal level, nixing parasitic loss to cut unneeded fuel burn and preserve hp. In short, it optimizes engine cooling to improve engine performance. Along with the published list of of- fered benefi ts backed by fi eld test results, its striking simplicity remains a primary selling point. "It does not require compli- cated integration," Virmani said. "All you do is bolt it onto your fan," he said. Horton provides the required bracket and pulley, and a preprogrammed controller, he said. "You bolt the drive on, plug the controller to the ECM, and you are good to go." Another is the fact that it is a proven technology, ubiquitous in other sectors for decades. It is based on predecessor fan drives developed and furthered by Germa- ny's ZF Sachs and sold for use in metropol- itan Europe. Think over-the-road trucks, vocational trucks and busses. From there it migrated to off-highway equipment such as agricultural tractors, excavators and forklifts. Aware of the potential for the tech in an era of growing environmental consciousness, Horton bought Sachs' vis- cous drive division in 2003. "The remarkable thing about this product is that we took a technology that is proven, that is well-understood, and we scaled it up, and had to deal with a lot of other challenges," Virmani said. "But we've been very conservative in scaling up in that we made it extra durable so that we don't have any issues." That means designing the drive to survive mining-scale dust, vibration and, frankly, neglect. "Reliability and durability standards have to be really exceptional," Virmani said. "Serviceability would have to be such that you wouldn't have to ser- vice it at all." Thus, the bar was set. The result was a system that "theoretically runs forever," Vir- mani said. "This technology is very interest- ing in that it doesn't have any friction liners or anything like that," he said. "It doesn't have any wearable components to it." Which is not to say it is unsophisticat- ed. The optimized magnetic design speeds reaction time, improving modulation and cooling performance, Horton reported. The fan bearing is up front, reducing the temperature of the pulley bearing. And the housing and cover are designed to maxi- mize heat dissipation. When needed, the drive can lower a fan's idling speed to a paltry 100 rotations per minute or lower. The tangible benefi ts of this are lower fuel burn, additional runs and a quieter mine site, Virmani said. "A fan, at full speed would typically use up 10% of the total power that a mining truck engine would generate," he said. "The payback period is usually a matter of months not years." Sustainability made simple: the RCV2000. The variable speed drive is a closed system with a long history and a growing fanbase. (Photo: Horton)

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