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OCT 2018

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October 2018 33 ventilation controls continued launch due to "motor and other component lead time, you've got to have a rep that is connected and to know about an opportunity in advance and then chase it for quite some time," he said. The agreement also empowers LMS with more competi- tive comprehensive package offerings. "We can go in and be full-ventilation suppliers for all aspects of mining," Cerklef- skie said. "The nice thing is it doesn't just apply to longwalls. Any underground mine will use the main ventilation fan." The current economic environment is favorable to CFE's entry to the North American coal mining market, Cerklefskie said. "Really what happened was the downturn, through the previous administration, really choked out a lot of people," he said. "Now it seems like the environment is flourishing and people want options." Many of the materials and components for orders from North American customers will "be sourced in the U.S. and good old Ohio where I live," Cerklefskie said. System Simulation Software Upgrade Howden released VentSim DESIGN version 5, which the com- pany described as "the biggest step change improvement in power and features" since the release of precursor software in 2009. The software enables the rapid creation of simulations and virtual models of ventilation systems and the virtual trial of changes to them. The upgrade offers increased simulation speed and re- duced memory usage, Howden reported. New features include a Sensitivity and Confidence Analysis tool for airflow, heat and natural ventilation; a Goal Seek tool, which determines the requisite fan pressure to achieve required airflow; and a new simulation engine with a 1,000% increase in solving speed, the company reported. The software enables the user to model escape routes, map the fastest course to refuge bays and exits, and calculate evac- uation times. The interface offers a "refreshed look and feel," Howden reported, and includes a Level Wizard, which can "auto- matically setup a series of default levels based on the model airways." It also offers a new dashboard to compare differen- ces between logged and simulated airflows. The system can "connect directly to ventilation network devices" and "manual controls in real time," Howden reported. VentSim DESIGN 5 is promoted as ideally paired with VentSim CONTROL, which interfaces with existing infras- tructure using open connectivity for real-time control and monitoring of mine-wide ventilation systems. Consulting Services on Explosive Dust Camfil APC announced its range of consulting and technical services helps operators ensure their dust collection systems comply with National Fire Protection Association standards. Those services focus on hazard analysis, risk assessment, and fire and explosion prevention control design criteria. The company offers site and equipment assessments, technology recommendations, and in-house lab testing. tel: +1-800-691-6601 email: Strata AFS TM Advanced Foam Solution Multiple Custom Applications Rock Consolidation, Void Fill & Water Control

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