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50 December 2018 product news continued repeated time and time again — a waste of time, money, and water. Beyond Environ- mental has made bio-cleaning more con- trollable by transforming the viscosity of the carrier from water to a gel that can stick to the surface on which it is working. "We know that when bioremediation is controllable, it's more effective," said Bryan Sims, presi- dent and CEO, Beyond Environmental. "Our iSorb Miotechnology makes that control possible — for the first time." The iSorb Mio- technology is a patented formulation of safe- to-use, natural ingredients that transforms water into a highly controllable super-carri- er known as iSorb MioGel. This "smart gel" is stocked with trillions of hydrocarbon-con- suming microbes, which are indigenous to North America, non-GMO, and listed as safe to use by the EPA. They feed on contamina- tion and convert it to environmentally safe byproducts like water and carbon dioxide. MioGel is uniquely formulated in variable, application-specific viscosities that can range from watery to semi-solid. This improves the control of the biological cleaning process, making it more predict- able, safe, and eco-friendly, even when applied to vertical surfaces — a new devel- opment in contamination cleanup. Beyond that, MioGel is customizable for each application with the correct balance of microbes blended to remediate deposits of petroleum hydrocarbons such as fuels, lubricating oils, and mineral oils. Further, specific blends can be formulated for vola- tiles and for aromatics. MioGels are cost-ef- fective, environmentally safe, and remain in place and active at the point of contamina- tion — the key to successful bio-cleaning. The microbes that do the work need to be fed, sustained, and "recharged," and MioGels do just that. Each gel has cells or zones that act as tiny life-support systems. Within each zone, the contamination-de- stroying microbes receive supplies of wa- ter, food, and air at levels superior to what is possible with conventional water-based biological treatments. This equals sustain- able biomass and allows the microbes to work together to accelerate and maintain high levels of cleaning power. High-power Modular Terminal Blocks BlockMaster Electronics, a leading sup- plier of terminal blocks for electrical and electronic distribution, recently intro- duced a new line of rugged, high power modular terminal blocks in 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-pole configurations. These interlocking style blocks simply snap together to create a block with 1 to 4 poles. They are suitable for DIN rail or panel mounting. Both the modular feature and the block's mounting capabilities are totally unique in the mar- ket, according to the manufacturer. The new High-Power HP-ATA-115B Modular Blocks from BlockMaster feature a low profile and are available with an optional Contact: Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH Siemensstrasse 1-9 · 48488 Emsbueren/Germany · · +49 (5903) 707-0 Success needs Productivity Coal Mining Road Maintenance Utility Vehicles Scaling LHD Loaders Dump Trucks Access Technology ... since 1968 5 0 Visit us on fair bauma 2019 COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT As diverse as the requirements in min- ing and tunnelling and especially in underground mining are, Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik has been developing and producing customized quality vehicle and machine solutions for 50 years. This year, 2018, Paus celebrates 50 years anniversary. 50 years "Paus.... the people who care" means cultivating dia- logue with industry experts and customers. With professionalism, experience and inno- vation, successful solutions are created for customers who meet the requirements for quality, environmental friendliness, com- pressive strength, safety and efficiency. With the life of this philosophy, Paus has earned itself an excellent reputation at national and international level in the industries. With the "Made in Germany" quality promise, Paus builds individual and tailor-made mining and tunnelling machines. On the basis of industrial plat- form production, suitable vehicle solutions are supplied for individual tasks. This means that consistent, high quality is already part of the manufacturing process. The Universa 40/50 series and the MinCa series are designed as quick- change vehicle platforms. Simple, safe configurations of different superstructures on the base platform are possible. Whether concrete mixer, maintenance vehicle with workshop, scissor lift table or tyre changer, the Universa multipurpose commercial vehicles from Paus meet underground mining requirements flexibly, efficiently and reliably. The MinCa 18A is also a multi-pur- pose commercial vehicle, which is offered with a range of different "superstruc- tures": as a transporter for personnel or material, as a fire engine or with ambulance equipment. Further options are available on request! The smaller MinCa 5.1 is very well adapted to the cramped conditions, not only for use in narrow underground mines/ tunnels. As an equipment variant, it can be configured as a passenger transporter for five miners and still has room for the equipment. With its 4WD it is per- fect for use on difficult roads. An agile vehicle that is also available in a hybrid version. Important! All Paus underground vehicles are explicitly designed and built for underground and tunnel construction - advantage: longer durability and higher efficiency. Increased safety requirements apply to vehicles used in underground coal min- ing. For example, that the engine tempera- tures of explosion-protected vehicles must not exceed 150°C. Optionally an extended cooling system is available at Paus that cools the exhaust gases to only 70°C. Additional flame arresters on the exhaust and air intake lines as well as encapsulat- ed electrical components (display, battery, switches, etc.) ensure greater safety. Paus integrates gas sensors into its vehicles. The Paus vehicle portfolio also includes LHD, dumper, scaler, grader and rock crusher solutions. Other special vehi- cles are available on request. Everything is complemented by a worldwide, perma- nently professionally trained dealer and service network. Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH

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