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36 January/February 2019 2019 haulage & loading preview continued 3D images) for every load. With an LVS in play, loaders and truck drivers have ac- tionable intel, which they use to improve safety, eliminate overloading, reduce tire wear, optimize truck loading, eliminate wasteful haul-back, and increase fill fac- tors. Some Loadscan users have upskilled their workforce and increased their truck- ing factors by approximately 15%. Session 5: Strategies for Pit Management Meeting Expectations for Profitable Production Ross Gibbons, Thiess What is the definition of profitable pro- duction? How does this relate to business sustainability and why is this import- ant? How is this influenced by pit man- agement? What impacts profitability and/or production? What part does in- novation and technology play? This pre- sentation will explore the relationship between operating costs, capital costs and revenue. Turning Challenging Mining Conditions Into Success Tawnya Thornton, JDS Mining Building a mine is no easy feat; it's even harder in a remote location. JDS has assist- ed in the development and performance of mines around the world, in a variety of challenging environments. This presenta- tion will discuss some of its greatest op- erational obstacles, and demonstrate that from Brazil to Baffin Island, a lot of the big problems in open-pit mining are exactly the same. Strategies to Improve Productivity Jared Katerenchuk, KMC Mining KMC is one of Canada's largest contract min- ers with significant assets, knowledge and understanding in the oil sands sector. Deal- ing with ever-changing mining conditions, KMC has developed several strategies over the years to improve productivity in the pits. Session 6: Training & Development Mine Operations Supervisor Development Program Rick Green, Freeport-McMoRan The Mine Operations Supervisor Devel- opment Program is a systematic approach to develop essential skills, knowledge and abilities. The program is based on a simple business model composed of four compo- nents: physical assets, processes, people and leadership. Technical competency and busi- ness knowledge are key factors in each area of the business model. The program ensures a common foundation for Freeport's mine operations across North America. Concepts are based on best practices, continuous im- provement and accepted technical theory. Reducing Variance Through Simulation- based Training Technologies and Processes Adam Norris, Immersive Technologies A series of case studies will examine re- al-world results at mining operations in North America and around the world that improved haulage productivity and ma- chine availability through a focused con- tinuous improvement approach using sim- ulation as the key driver. Presentation will feature specific examples of actual proj- ects, including methodology and results achieved. There will also be insights into new technologies available to the industry including the gamification of training. The Take Charge Training Concept Gordy Williams, EDI The difference between a "proactive" su- pervisor and a "status quo" supervisor can amount to millions of dollars in the mining business. The Take Charge approach is a dra- matic departure from traditional supervisory training efforts. It focuses on results rather than classroom activities. After each com- pact skills unit is presented to a management team, they are required to apply the learned skills and tools "back on the job." They are held individually and collectively account- able to do this. Specially developed tools and measures are used to indicate the degree of success each supervisor achieves. These measures apply to both hard and soft skills. Workshop: Positioning Mines to Capitalize on Available Technologies Dr. Tim Joseph, JPI Mine Equipment & Engineering Consultants Tim Joseph will lead a certificated industry short course that will permit attendees to explore how they can easily use accessi- ble existing on-board equipment data to evaluate equipment performance. The JPI Beyond the Stopwatch workshop will high- light, through presentation, discussion and exercises, haulage and loading issues and the impact that running surfaces and load balance extend to equipment perfor- mance. This half-day workshop session will provide insights, tools and techniques using existing on-board haulage and load- er data systems to benchmark and predict adverse operational conditions. Attendees will find low-hanging fruit that can be put into operational practice immediately real- izing increased availability and productiv- ity through better understanding of asset capability in unique mining operations. H&L 2019 Sponsors and Exhibitors CQMS Razer is a global engineering, soft- ware and manufacturing company that delivers productivity technology to large surface mining operations around the world. Its range of products includes cast lips, ground engaging tools (GET), load haul optimization software systems, drag- line buckets and rigging.

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