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May 2016 2 editor's note Coal-fired Power Generation Grows Globally D espite the steady newsfeed telling society that it's time to move away from fossil fuels, the numbers reveal something different. The global coal-fired power generation market is expected to post a compounded annual growth rate of more than 1% during the next four years, according to a recent market research report by Technavio. Similar numbers have been reported by other regional and interna- tional energy agencies. In the news this month alone, Coal Age reports on new coal-fired plants and clean coal technology in both Mexico and China. Other news items mention countries import- ing more coal or launching new mines. Coal India Ltd., the world's second-largest coal producer behind China's Shenua, is now producing more than 600 million metric tons (mt) of coal per year. Granted, 1% is not a spectacular figure, but it's a good number for a supposed- ly dying industry, and these people usually err on the conservative side for fear of backlash from environmental activists. In most cases, rising urbanization is driving the growth for power as more people migrate to cities to improve their standards of living. Rapidly growing urban economies are providing income for the under-em- ployed in rural areas. This coupled with growth in construction and transportation development to support these people only increases the demand for power. The difference between what's happening today and what happened 20 or 30 years ago is that modern power plant designers are now including best available technologies, pursuing a high-efficiency, low-emission (HELE) model. So much so that Technavio believes clean coal technologies will have a positive impact on the market and contribute to its growth significantly between now and 2023. Large investments are being directed toward the deployment of more efficient su- percritical and ultra-supercritical coal-fired power-generation technologies. Sev- eral innovative approaches such as direct coal fuel cells, integrated gasification fuel cells, and supercritical CO 2 are being explored. These technologies promise ultra-high efficiencies and are at different stages of development. The growing popularity of hybrid power projects, advances in ash handling, and the availabil- ity of coal at relatively low prices are expected to continue to drive the market. In 2018, the Asian Pacific (APAC) region led the market, according to Technavio, with a market share of more than 67%, followed by the Americas and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), respectively. Over the next four years at least, the APAC region is expected to be the dominant growth area, registering the highest incremental growth of close to 5%. What separates these regions from the other "more progressive" countries around the world? I think that could be summed up by limited wealth and a lack of options. People need access to affordable energy, which rules out massive windfarms and solar arrays. Nuclear power has long lead times and other risks. Unlike the U.S., these regions are not blessed with vast reserves of natural gas. They are using hydropower where they can, but it also has its own set of environ- mental consequences. For them, coal is the best choice and they now have the tools to use it more cleanly and effectively than any generation before them. Coal Age, Volume 124, Issue 2, (ISSN 1040-7820) is published monthly ex- cept January and July, by Mining Media International, Inc., 11655 Central Parkway, Suite 306, Jacksonville, Florida 32224 ( Pe- riodicals postage paid at Jacksonville, FL, and additional mailing offices. Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 41450540. 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