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MAR 2019

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March 2019 45 product news continued Due to its high-power density, the TurboBelt TPXL range requires only half the volume of conventional cou- plings and therefore can be easily in- tegrated into drive trains, the compa- ny reported. The 800 and 1250 TPXL offers up to 1,600 and 7,960 newton meters of torque, respectively. The coupling concept consists of an in- tegrated controller, an integrated oil pump and an oil supply unit. This lays the groundwork for accurate predic- tive maintenance to effectively keep the total cost of ownership low, the company reported. The line's hydro- dynamic operating principle enables wear-free power transmission with- out the need for a mechanical con- nection, Voith reported. In this way, the system's lifespan is expanded, and maintenance costs are decreased significantly. Rugged construction makes the portfolio ideal for use in demanding environments and tasks, such as open-pit mining applica- tions, the company reported. Guided Wave Techs Get Flameproof Certs Hawk Measurement Systems an- nounced it received explosion-proof, flameproof and dust ignition-proof certification by FM Approvals for FM, FM Canada and ATEX standards. Ap- plicable guided wave technologies supplied by the company include, for example, the Centurion Guided Radar, a contin- uous level mea- surement instru- ment. It sends a radar pulse down to a probe to measure either liquids, solids or a low-dielectric to high-dielectric interface level. The pulse hits the surface or inter- face and is reflect- ed back up the probe to the sensor, where the transit time is translated into a distance using time of fight and time expansion. The amplitude of the reflection depends on the dielectric constant of the product. Adding to the existing IECEx rating, Hawk now covers all major market areas, the company reported. Tire for Rigid Dump Trucks Magna Tyres Group introduced the Magna M-RIGID, a radial-construct- ed 27.00R49, 33.00R51, or 40.00R57 earthmover with an E4 tread pattern and designed for rigid dump trucks operating in off-road conditions. It offers the optimal tire performance for the purchase price, resulting in a low-cost price per hour, the company reported. The tire has massive rigid lug blocks that offer the traction and durability required in the most severe surface mines. The unique and revolutionary tread pattern de- sign has four ma- jor innovations, all of which improve tire life, the com- pany reported. Weight reducing cutouts on the tread blocks and lugs reduce heat buildup. Circum- ferential groove in the tread pattern improves steering control for en- hanced heavy-load cornering perfor- mance and improved heat dissipation. Interlocking shoulder blocks reduce excessive movement during cornering to reduce heat buildup and enhance operator comfort. The optimized con- tact patch ensures even wear. The M-RIGID will be available in May. Stop Dangerous Tramp Metals | 814.835.6000 Eriez' Suspended Magnets and Metal Detectors remove tramp metals before they damage your valuable crushers and downstream equipment. Q U I C K S H I P P R O G R A M ! Now Available in

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