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May 2016 2 editor's note Justice Signs Three Bills Supporting WV Miners W est Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed three bills into law (HB 3142, HB 3144 and SB 635) at the end of March that will support the state's coal mining sector. Surrounded by miners at Murray Energy Corp.'s Harrison County mine, the governor spoke candidly about the sit- uation. "This might be the act that preserves your jobs," Justice said. "What would we do without you? Without the coal business, there would be no income, no roads and no schools in many parts of West Virginia." Justice said he believes the bills would protect vital coal mining jobs for decades and incentivize job creation by coal companies. Ryan Murray, vice president-operations, Murray Energy Corp. thanked the governor for his dedication and com- mitment. Video footage of the event is available on YouTube. Senate Bill (SB) 635 deals with three areas: community impact, environ- mental standards and mine trespass. House Bill (HB) 3142 reduces the state's severance tax from 5% to 3% over three years. HB 3144 implements at 35% tax rebate for mining-related investments. Arch Coal said it believes this new law could result in severance tax rebates at Leer South totaling more than $100 mil- lion over the course of the mine's first 10 years of operation, based on the com- pany's current market outlook. They also expect HB 3144 to factor significantly in their ongoing evaluation of further investments in West Virginia. Governor Justice, whose family has been directly involved with coal mining for four generations, took a lot of heat over these bills from the local media. Countering those who said he would benefit financially, he explained that the mines that the Justice family owns and operates are metallurgical coal mines and these bills are designated for thermal coal mining operations. Addressing the Harrison County miners, Justice said: "You have never had a governor that understands coal mining like I do. People so often diminish the value of coal miners and what they do. [The Harrison County mine] is a phenomenal operation. My grandfathers and father spent their lives working in underground coal mining operations. I'm thankful for everything I have in my life and it all came from coal." He reassured the miners of the importance of their jobs and the multiplying effect their careers have within the state of West Virginia. "This is our moment to put our stake in the ground and say we will support the coal industry and help it expand," Justice said. Since Justice was elected in 2016, West Virginia coal production has reversed its declining course and grown from 70 million tons per year (tpy) to more than 100 million tpy. That, however, is a far cry from the 181 million tpy the state mined in 1997. Justice also talked about his relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump. Beyond friendship, they have a lot in common. Both are successful business- men. Both care about the American coal miner. Both got into politics because they thought they could make a difference. These three bills will make a differ- ence for the miners of West Virginia. Coal Age, Volume 124, Issue 3, (ISSN 1040-7820) is published monthly ex- cept January and July, by Mining Media International, Inc., 11655 Central Parkway, Suite 306, Jacksonville, Florida 32224 ( Pe- riodicals postage paid at Jacksonville, FL, and additional mailing offices. Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 41450540. Canada return address: PO Box 2600, Mississauga ON L4T 0A8, Email: subscriptions@ Current and back issues and additional resources, including subscription request forms and an editorial calendar, are available online at SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Free and controlled circulation to qualified subscribers. Visit to subscribe. 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