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April 2019 31 highwall management continued tiple platforms — MSR or Reutech's Multi-Purpose Platform (MPP) or any fixed location. Working in conjunc- tion with the MSR through the local Wi-Fi network, the camera is capable of operating autonomously. Grobler added, "The high-end camera has 30X zoom, low light ca- pability, and a cold temperature rating of -45°C (standard) and -51°C (extreme cold unit), which allows it to operate in low temperatures and other adverse conditions. It has user-friendly georeferencing soft- ware when coupled with the MSR system. The user can view a scanned point in real time, as well as record the video. In addition, one can edit and save the recorded video, with the added benefit of encrypting the saved video if needed." Reutech said its MSR Connect software brings a modern human ma- chine interface to its MSR slope sta- bility radar systems. Utilizing a web- based viewer, it provides increased versatility. "Clients now can enjoy access to multilingual real-time in- formation, no matter where they may be located," said Garth Day, Reutech's business manager for South America. "The flexibility of this system al- lows the user to access information with their choice of device or operat- ing system. An on-site geotechnical engineer analyzing live trend graphs can now make use of an Apple Mac or a Windows desktop to view trends. At the same time, the mine manager, who may be off site, can get a view on his or her Android smart phone." "What excites me most about our new MSR software is that it speaks to the current and future requirements of an ever-changing industry," Day continued. "Fast, re- liable accurate data linked with ease of use and access, these are some of the key requirements of our clients today. MSR Connect's web-based browser is a fundamental shift from how data is assimilated, processed and distributed. "Customized reports and dash- board view are notable additions to further enable the dynamic decision processes that are required for the job. This allows the user to create a custom dashboard display with re- ports that are specific and relevant to the task at hand. This has opened up a host of new possibilities previ- ously not available to MSR users and makes way for increased capacities on all levels, starting with big data management and processing, in- cluding enhanced analyzing capabil- ity," he explained. Earlier this year, Reutech an- nounced it had added sensemetrics Inc. as a distributor for its product portfolio in the North American mar- ket. Based in San Diego, California, sensemetrics develops cloud-based, enterprise-level sensor management and data analytics solutions for min- ing and other industrial sectors. Laser System Leaves Prisms Behind GroundProbe, now part of Orica, in- troduced its first laser-based moni- toring solution to give early warning of impending collapses of open-pit mine walls that can begin months or years before a collapse occurs. The company said its Geotech Monitoring Station (GMS) replac- es traditional total stations that rely on mirrored prisms installed on a slope. The system can scan prisms, but can also reflect its signal directly off the rock, thus reducing the need for a risky industry practice. "Prisms can be dangerous to install, inflexi- ble to changing ground conditions, and their repair or replacement can be unsafe, time-consuming and ex- pensive," said Lachlan Campbell, GroundProbe's vice president of mar- keting and technology. Groundprobe said GMS is able to achieve excellent "virtual point" precision by applying its patented ra- dar signal and data processing tech- niques to the long-range laser. "With capabilities well beyond that of typical robotic total stations, the The Slope Vision camera can be mounted on a Reutech MSR, MPP or fixed point on the mine site. GroundProbe says its GMS solution is set-and-forget, requiring no hardware interaction after deployment and minimal maintenance over time. Software allows visual inspections to be carried out remotely.

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