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32 April 2019 highwall management continued GMS is a complete-end-to-end intel- ligent monitoring solution with smart data capture, processing and analy- sis," said John Beevers, GroundProbe's CEO. "The GMS, and the prisms and points it monitors, complements our Slope Stability Radar suite to provide a complete monitoring strategy." As an Electronic Distance Mea- surement (EDM) LiDAR, the GMS monitors through automatically measuring up to a thousand discrete points on a wall, in the form of physi- cal and virtual prisms. According to Product Manager Fernanda Carrera, "The GMS moni- tors vast mine areas for long periods of time of many months to many years. It specializes in background monitoring in open-cut pits and highly vegetated slopes, as well as detecting and measuring small-scale movement on tailings dams, dumps and cuttings that precede a collapse. "Our patent-pending visualiza- tion technique that co-locates data with the ultra-high-definition images captured by the GMS's dual cameras is a step-change in data visualization for prism monitoring," said Carrea. "Automatically visualizing data and heat maps on high-resolution photos, or in 3D, sets the GMS apart from ex- isting solutions, which often force us- ers to view data in a table rather than more intuitive visualizations. The du- al-camera imaging capabilities of the GMS, wide angle and telescopic, per- mits users to precisely see and control the locations of points in real time while providing the ability to conduct remote visual inspection." The company said its SSR-View- er software platform for its lineup of monitoring devices was updated to support all GroundProbe Series-2 and Series-3 radar technologies — 3D Real Aperture Radar, 2D Real Aperture Radar and 2D Synthetic Aperture Ra- dar — as well as the new LiDAR-based technologies, the Geotech Monitor- ing Station (GMS) and Geotech Moni- toring LiDAR (GML). Maptek Makes LiDar System Mobile Also on display at the Slope Stabili- ty conference was Maptek's Sentry LiDAR system. First introduced in 2014, the Sentry system — combin- ing an I-Site laser and software — was relaunched last year as a fully transportable package for detecting ground movement. Leading fea- tures of the new system, according to Maptek, include: • Ability to monitor multiple zones within a scene without the need for targets or reference points. Movement can be detected down to 1 mm per hour. • Most cost effective when used to scan and monitor several zones concurrently. Visualization and analysis tools can be readily deployed for monitoring on a broader scale before using radar assets if required. • Time-lapse capability allows us- ers to see changes and use this information to predict move- ment in other areas. Heat maps colored by displacement or ve- locity provide an overview of sur- face movement. • Alert levels and rules are easily defined, allowing critical infor- mation to be sent directly to geo- technical staff or mine managers so they can decide on an action to be taken. • The laser scanner can be moved for other tasks, and monitoring history is maintained when the unit is returned to the same fixed monitoring position. • Animation of zones to show mor- phology of terrain changes over time. In a recently published case his- tory, Maptek reported implemen- tation of the first Sentry system in Peru was carried out over three days in late 2017 at the Shougang Hierro Perú S.A.A. iron ore mine about 520 kilometers (km) south of the capital, Lima. The deposit covers approxi- mately 150 km 2 . According to Maptek, the mine's geotechnical department needed to implement a slope-monitoring sys- tem for active pits, providing greater awareness of areas showing signs of instability. Favorably influencing the mine's decision to adopt Sentry, said Maptek, was its ability to generate queries from different areas, pro- Maptek's Sentry system is deployed in a custom trailer providing a power and communications module, with cellular and Wi-Fi networking. Users can customize monitoring frequency and thresholds.

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