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May 2019 23 power distribution continued voltages, various input and output connectors, and monitoring circuits without having to take the entire unit out of the mine. Design Flexibility Allows Mechanical Advantages Being able to separate the two halves of the Modular Power System creates smaller, easier-to-move units. This offers advantages, not only when making a section or tunnel move, but also when designing equipment to fit inside a skip cage. Smaller units also incur less damage during a move than larger, more cumbersome equipment. The Modular Power System can be engineered for specific input and out- put voltages, capacities, liquid-filled transformers or Line Power Mine-Du- ty dry-type transformers, custom- er-specific relays and monitors, size requirements, operating altitudes or other parameters specific to each op- eration and application. In addition, the input section can be equipped with Line Power's mag- netically actuated vacuum circuit breaker (MAVRiC). When coupled with an optical arc-flash relay system, the MAVRiC can open the circuit in as little as two cycles, helping to mitigate the arc flash. The output section can be equipped with optional frequency or soft-start packages for belt or pump operation. The Modular Power System's out- put section can also be equipped with Line Power's patented DTS Downtime Saver feeder circuit pro- tectors. The DTS feeder circuit pro- tector combines all of the compo- nents of one 5-kV feeder circuit into one draw-out drawer. For mainte- nance or troubleshooting, the drawer can be disconnected and pulled out for repairs without shutting down the entire module. If repairs cannot be made on site, the drawer can be removed, replaced with a spare, and, after making a few relay settings, the circuit can be re-energized, minimiz- ing costly downtime. "Numerous modifications or vari- ations are possible to meet the spe- cific needs of customers' work sites," said Todd Dewar, vice president of engineering and supply chain for Electro-Mechanical Corp. "Over the 60-plus years Line Power has been in operation, our customers have grown with us, and our relationships with them are all about our responsiveness and ability to figure out what they need along the way. Many years of patented designs, including the Modular Pow- er System, have come from our will- ingness to listen to customers. This, combined with our ability to adapt to changing industry requirements, has made us a solutions provider." This article was written and submit- ted by Line Power. September 11, 12, 13, 2019 Brushfork Armory-Civic Center %OXHÀHOG:HVW9LUJLQLD Sponsored by: 619 Bland Street • Bluefield, WV 24701 t 304.327.7184 • f 304.325.3085 ©

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