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32 May 2019 operating ideas IBM Teams Up With Wearables Suppliers to Improve Safety IBM recently announced major col- laborations with Garmin Health, Guardhat, Mitsufuji and SmartCone to monitor worker safety in hazard- ous environments, including mining, using IoT technologies integrated into wearables. IBM said its Maximo Worker In- sights will monitor biometric and environmental data to help identify whether employees are experiencing dangers or risk. Data will be gathered in near real-time from wearables, smart devices and environmental sensors to help organizations quick- ly respond to problems or react to changing environmental conditions. Employees working in rapidly changing environments face shifting conditions. Utilizing IoT to understand what workers are doing in the context of the dynamic environment around them — including heat, height, weather and gas levels — allows organizations to implement near real-time and prescrip- tive safety practices to help protect the wellbeing of workers and which should help them maintain lower insurance costs, according to the company. "Worker safety is a critical priority for all enterprises and this collabora- tion is a major milestone in dramat- ically improving the way enterprises identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace," said Kareem Yusuf, gen- eral manager, IBM Watson IoT. Garmin, a provider of wearable technology, is teaming up with IBM to offer organizations that deploy the IBM Maximo Worker Insights plat- form to receive alerts based on near real-time sensor data from workers wearing Garmin activity trackers. By embedding the Garmin Health Companion SDK in the IBM Maximo Worker Insights platform, supervi- sors and safety officers can receive near real-time notifications for high heart rate and man-down scenarios, as well as review historical analytics based on the biometric signals from Garmin wearables. IBM said Guardhat's KYRA IoT platform integrates and comple- ments the IBM Worker Insights solu- tion to provide near real-time situ- ational awareness to workers and company operations through the use of Smart PPE wearables. Companies can gain deeper understanding of the field situation and raise awareness in the organization to determine best practices and methods for risk mit- igation thereby managing or main- taining lower insurance costs. Mitsufuji, a wearable platform provider in Japan, has launched a new wearable "shirt" called Hamon to track IoT sensor data from work- er's biometrics to help ensure safety and productivity in extreme envi- ronments. The Hamon shirt, made from silver conductive fibers, collects a wearer's biometric data, including heart rate, body temperature and lo- cation, as well as environmental data such as humidity, temperature, noise and toxic gas levels, together with the use of IBM Maximo Worker Insights. By connecting to the IBM Maximo Worker Insights solution on the IBM Cloud, this data can be analyzed in near real-time, with alerts and alarms signaled on mobile devices to take a break, change locations, etc., before overexertion or injury occur. SmartCone, which offers smart, IoT-based safety and monitoring solutions for securing vulnerable and hazardous zones, is working with IBM and integrating Maximo Worker Insights into its portable system to monitor worker safety in mining and other industrial environments with moving or dangerous no-go zones. Utilizing multi-sensors, audio/video, communication capabilities, com- puting and edge gateway capabilities, the SmartCone system combines with IBM Maximo Worker Insights to pro- vide supervisors and safety officers with near real-time notification and historical analytics on hazards relat- ed to falls, man-downs, no-go zones, excessive temperatures and more. Weir Highlights New Automated Pump Throat Bushing Adjustment In many applications, Weir Minerals said in a recent bulletin, the pump's throat bushing, or throatbush, is the component that has the shortest life compared to the impeller and liners with considerable variability. Adjust- ing the gap between the throatbush and the impeller front shroud reduces hydraulic recirculation in the pump. This prevents localized wear on the throatbush, improves hydraulic effi- ciency and lowers the total ownership cost for the operator. To avoid im- pacting the plant's production, these adjustments are often performed while the pump is operating. Howev- er, this can have safety implications Utilizing IoT to understand what workers are doing in the context of the dynamic environment around them, including heat, height, weather and gas levels, allows organizations to implement near real-time and prescriptive safety practices. Data will come from wearables, smart devices and environmental sensors.

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