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May 2019 37 product news continued increase speed or load and expect a 10% increase in tire life. Or customers could choose either to increase speed by 10% or increase load by 10% and achieve the same tire life as the previous generation. This flexibility allows Michelin to better support customer needs and goals. "Michelin's most popular tire has been tested on mul- tiple truck brands and is designed for punishing environ- ments where the goal is safety and performance," said Jake Thompson, Michelin North America's B2B mining mar- keting manager. "Michelin responds to customer needs by providing long-lasting, innovative products that solve their most-demanding business challenges in the specific environments where they operate." The XDR3 was designed with operator safety in mind. Compared to similar Michelin haul truck tires, the tread pattern better distributes the load across the contact patch, lowers contact pressure and reduces wear rates. In addi- tion, the tread pattern is designed for better endurance thanks to revolutionary heat dissipation. This helps to pre- vent tire overheating, which can result in tire failure, and in turn, jeopardize operator safety. The XDR3 is MEMS-ready and helps reduce rim slip through a new flat-bead wire, which is designed to strengthen the clamping force on the wheel and increase its contact surface with the rim. Safety System for Hoists The Cage Guardian Safety Brake for steel guides better protects both underground mine workers and cage com- ponents. The innovative safety brake, which runs on steel guides, uses mechanical systems to prevent the worst- case scenario in the event of slack-rope or a rope break event. According to FLSmidth, it is built to withstand even the toughest underground mine environments and meets the most stringent regulations for safety catches. The system is strictly mechanical — no hydraulics, pneumatics or electricity — for fail-safe operation, even on wet or contaminated guides. Actuation and operation is per- formed by redundant mechanical systems, only requiring a slack-rope or rope break event to bring the cage to a safe stop. With average deceleration rates of 0.9 g to 2 g (9 to 20 m/s/s or 29.5 to 65.6 ft/s/s), the Cage Guardian Safety Brake has a lower jerk rate and provides smoother deceleration. The safety brake system also allows for easy retrieval of the cage after an event. Unlike conventional safety dogs for wood guides, the Cage Guardian Safety Brake inflicts minimal damage to any cage or guide components. This results in faster redeployment of the cage. While timber guides must be replaced when a safety catch event occurs, the Cage Guardian Safety Brake decelerates on steel guides while using a self-contained brake path. This puts less strain on the shaft guides. As a result, neither the safety brake nor the steel guides suffer ill effects from a safety catch event. "As wood guides become increasingly less desirable from both environmental and economic perspectives, the use of steel guides be- comes ever more attractive and the Cage Guardian opens up a new world of opportu- nities for the safe transport of personnel underground," said Henry Laarakker, a prod- uct manager at FLSmidth. "It also allows for a fully en- gineered safety solution, inspiring a high degree of confi- dence without reliance on the variability of nature inher- ent with wood guides." Superior design, ease of maintenance, and proven test- ed results give users total confidence that the Cage Guard- ian Safety Brake will enhance the safety of their operation. Every system is completely factory tested and calibrated for the mine-specific application. Each system is also free-fall tested and results are documented with a certified test cer- tificate. Additionally, the design of the safety brake system enables easy ongoing maintenance and regular testing. STATUS SCREEN For faster diagnostics - Available Q3 WATER LINE FILTER IN-CAB DIRECTIONAL DISPLAY Visual alert for operator Phone: 812.490.1525 ACCESSORIES to help make your CM safer and more efficient! Reduces system interference POWER LINE FILTER Reduces system interference & nuisance trips 10 Celebrating years of IntelliZone technological innovations

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