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26 June 2019 slurry pumps continued COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT The pumps are easy to install. "The smaller pumps have stainless steel-threaded connections," Loudin said. "The bigger pumps have an ANSI 150-lb flange," he said. "Connect, then connect electricity and off you go." On installation, the rubber hose functions as a gasket. "It is really dummy-proof," Loudin said. And it is ideal for an application moving a slurry with a high percent- age of solids, "for instance on thick- ener underflow," he said. "If you've got real solid slurries that you need to control or shut off, this is really a great product for those kind of situations." Customizing Mining Hoses Salem Republic Rubber Co. show- cased the Mining Hose and the Sa- lem FLEX Slurry Handling Hose, two long-established products. The company described the Min- ing Hose as a customizable solution. "Everything that we make, we talk to the customer and ask a few ques- tions," Jason Phillips, sales engineer, Salem Republic Rubber Co., said. Above, Salem Republic Rubber Co. offers custom tube-lining thickness on its Mining Hose. (Photo: Salem Republic Rubber Co.) Strategic Partnerships Create Strategic Advantages Thriving in a global economy requires in- creased efficiency by eliminating wasted en- ergy, time and effort. Increased efficiency drives Richwood's collaborative partnership with bulk materi- al handling operators. For more than forty years, Richwood's quality, innovative solu- tions have allowed busy mines to re-invest in growth and productivity by eliminating common productivity killers along the belt lines. Typical challenges include carryback, uncontained material at load zones, impact damage, misaligned belts and excessive abrasion and wear. Any one of these problem areas can be a huge drain to resources at all levels - time, money and labor costs. Carryback is a common issue that cre- ates unsafe work areas, environmental con- cerns, wear and tear on equipment and has a negative impact on productivity. Richwood's application specific, engineered belt clean- ers eliminate carryback with real, measur- able results. A coal industry client recently reported that using Richwood cleaners has resulted in a savings of over $500,000 over a three-year period in their operation. This sav- ings was realized through huge reductions in man hours spent in clean-up and decreased need for replacement parts and maintenance time on conveyors. This real return on invest- ment has allowed them to direct their pre- viously wasted resources toward growth and efficiency in other areas. In another application, a mainline con- veyor transfer was experiencing continual product loss due to constant material spill- age. This was caused by poor conveyor trans- fer design with the belt not supported suffi- ciently or sealed properly. As a result, clean up was constantly needed. More than forty man-hours plus the costs of clean-up equip- ment was required each week. Richwood rec- ommended a complete material containment system. Properly sealed, correctly supported and reliably built, they now assign clean-up one to two hours per month vs. 160 hours. The immediate return on investment is clear. Demands on conveyor operating systems continue to increase; more tonnage, more speed, more operating hours, more availabil- ity, increased productivity. The choice to partner with Richwood for maximum efficiency from your conveyor op- erations is a strategic decision that will pro- vide quantifiable returns to your operation for years to come. Richwood clients span many industries around the globe, but they all share common challenges. They require max- imum productivity, safe operating conditions, a minimum of maintenance issues and lower operating costs. Richwood can help you meet your productivity goals with a dedication to partnership and real-world solutions that re- mains unchanged. Experience real return on your investment – Rely on Richwood.

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