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June 2019 27 slurry pumps continued "What material is going through? What is the temperature? What is your particular application? What kind of pressure? What kind of end-fittings do you want?" he said. "We ask a se- ries of questions and then we design the hose around what they need." Customizations include length, tube linings, wall thickness, reinforce- ment options, end fittings and covers. Hoses can be up to 42 in. in diame- ter and up to 50 ft long. Tube lining op- tions include different types of natural and synthetic rubber. Reinforcement options include the use of multiply syn- thetic fabrics or helically wound steel. Coverings can be color coded based on application or according to site or plant-safety specifications. "We can put a 1-in.-thick tube," Phillips said. "We can build in dif- ferent types of end fitting and flange drillings," he said. "Maybe they want a built-in nipple, or maybe they want a rotating flange on one end. We can put gimbal hoops in there to give us more flexibility." Phillips said the company sells the Salem Flex hose in bulk to miners in- terested in having it on-site for imme- diate use when needed. "In a pinch, if they need 10 ft or 12 ft of hose, they can cut it and install it there," he said. "These hoses are built to fit specific couplings where we can build a hose around applications and different end-constructions." By ordering custom-built hose, the miner gets a product designed for a longer life. "Typically we try to find out how well their current hos- es or pipes are lasting, what is going through them, and can we use a dif- ferent material that is going to be a more abrasion resistant for their par- ticular application," Phillips said. The Salem FLEX Hose is for field-measured cut-and-couple ap- plications, specifically for use in suc- tion and discharge processes. Tube thickness sizes offered are 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. The hose is reinforced with spring steel wire helix and high-ten- sile-strength cord and is covered with corrugated black rubber. It is pressure rated for 100 lbs per in.² Available siz- es range from 2 in. to 14 in. in diam- eter and up to 50 ft in length. Custom lengths are available. "Our Salem FLEX Hose is more for where the customer has these specific end fittings, and then we can sell bulk hose," Phillips said. "We are able to do more customization with our Mining Hose than with our Salem FLEX." Both offerings are the result of de- cades of research and development, he said. "Salem Republic Rubber has been in business for almost 50 years," Phillips said. "We don't offer cook- ie-cutter solutions," he said. "We are a custom-engineered hose shop." RICHWOOD IMPACT SADDLES ® Worry-Free Load Zones Rely on Richwood Load Zones. Worry-Free by Design. Clean-up costs, lost product, safety and environmental issues are a real risk to productivity. With a Richwood designed load zone, this application is saving 40 hours of clean-up and close to $19k in components every month. What would it mean for your productivity if loading and spillage issues were eliminated? Contact Richwood today for your on-site evaluation. (800) 237-6951 | (304) 525-5436 | BEFORE AFTER ©Richwood2019

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