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June 2019 33 regional report: australia continued deluge hit the Townsville region in Feb- ruary forcing residents to evacuate. The company donated $1 million to a flood relief program. About 7,500 of the com- pany's employees reside in the region. An increase in production from Mo- ranbah North offset a decline from Daw- son with AngloAmerican's Queensland mines. Moranbah North and Grosvenor are adjacent longwall operations min- ing met coal that share infrastructure and processing facilities. During 2018, Grosvenor achieved improved levels of production and operating efficiencies. Output for Grosvenor increased from 2.1 million to 3.3 million mt in FY2018. The company's Capcoal complex con- sists of the Lake Lindsay open-cut op- eration and the Grasstree underground mine. During 2018, AngloAmerican de- cided to extend Grasstree's life by three years to the end of 2021. Grasstree's production, however, was expected to decrease marginally as the operation moves into more challenging areas. Recovering from a fire at the North Goonyella operation, Peabody Energy recently reported it had com- pleted segmenting of the mine into multiple zones to facilitate a phased reventilation and re-entry. Should the company's reventilation and re-entry plan now progress as originally con- templated, Peabody would expect to produce approximately 2 million tons from North Goonyella in FY2020. If further delays occur, the company said it will re-evaluate its reventila- tion and re-entry plans. Recently, NRW Golding said it had reached an agreement with Coronado Global Resources for a three-year exten- sion to its current contract for mining services. The $210 million extension will see Golding introduce a new Liebherr 996B excavator as part of the multiple truck and excavator fleet operations. A total of around 40 heavy equipment items will be used on the project, sup- ported by a workforce of 200 personnel. Acquiring the Curragh mine in March 2018 from Wesfarmers for $700 million positioned Coronado Global Queensland's Black Coal Mines (millions of metric tons) Owner Type Product Method FY16-17 FY17-18 Goonyella Riverside BMA OP Met Dragline 014.7 015.9 Rolleston Glencore OP Thermal Dragline 013.4 015.2 Blackwater BMA OP Met Dragline 014.0 013.2 Peak Downs BMA OP Met Dragline 012.1 012.7 Curragh Coronado OP Met Dragline 012.0 012.1 Clermont Coal Glencore OP Thermal na 011.2 011.3 Saraji BMA OP Met Dragline 009.5 010.1 Callide & Boundary Hill Batchfire Resources OP Thermal Dragline 008.4 009.8 Hail Creek Glencore OP Met/Thermal na 009.2 009.5 Lake Vermont Jellinbah Group OP Met/PCI Truck-Shovel 008.8 009.5 Caval Ridge BMA OP Met Dragline 006.3 008.7 Moranbah North AngloAmerican UG Met Longwall 006.0 007.2 Dawson AngloAmerican OP Met/Thermal na 009.0 006.3 Meandu Stanwell Corp. OP Thermal na 005.6 006.0 South Walker Creek BMC OP Met Dragline 005.1 006.0 German Creek - Grasstree AngloAmerican UG Met na 005.7 005.9 Ensham OC Idemitsu OP Thermal Dragline 005.0 005.4 Jellinbah East Jellinbah Group OP Low-vol PCI Truck-Shovel 004.8 005.2 Broadmeadow BMA UG Met Longwall 005.5 005.1 Daunia BMA OP Met Dragline 005.2 005.1 Kestrel Kestrel Coal Resources UG Met/Thermal na 004.9 005.0 New Acland New Hope Group OP Thermal na 004.7 004.5 Middlemount Peabody (50%), Yancoal (50%)OP Low-vol PCI Truck-Shovel 003.9 004.2 Drake Mine QCoal Group OP Met/Thermal na 003.6 004.1 Commodore InterGen Australia OP Thermal na 003.6 003.8 Poitrel BMC OP Met Dragline 003.2 003.7 Coppabella Peabody (73%) OP PCI Dragline 003.2 003.6 Oaky North Glencore UG Met na 003.5 003.4 Grosvenor AngloAmerican UG Met na 002.1 003.3 German Creek - Lake Lindsay AngloAmerican OP Met/Thermal na 003.1 003.1 Millenium Peabody OP Met/PCI Truck-Shovel 002.8 002.9 North Goonyella Peabody UG Met/PCI Longwall 001.7 002.9 Foxleigh Qmetco (70%) OP Low-vol PCI Truck-Shovel 003.0 002.8 Yarrabee Yancoal OP Low-vol PCI na 003.1 002.7 Collinsville Opencut Glencore OP Thermal/Met na 001.5 002.6 Moorvale Peabody (73%) OP PCI Truck-Shovel 002.3 002.6 Newlands Glencore OP Met/Thermal Dragline 001.7 002.6 Kogan Creek CS Energy OP Thermal Truck-Shovel 002.7 002.4 Carborough Downs Vale UG Met/PCI Longwall 002.1 002.0 Minerva Sojitz Coal Mining OP Thermal Truck-Shovel 002.0 001.8 Byerwen QCoal Group OP Met na 000.0 001.7 Cameby Downs Yancoal OP Thermal na 001.9 001.5 Newlands Eastern Creek Glencore OP Thermal na 002.2 001.5 Newlands Wollombi Glencore OP Met/Thermal na 001.3 001.2 Blair Athol TerraCom OP Thermal Dragline 000.0 001.1 Jeebropilly New Hope Group OP Thermal Truck-Shovel 000.7 000.7 Oaky Creek No 1 Glencore UG Met na 002.6 000.6 Isaac Plains Vale OP Met/Thermal Dragline 001.2 000.5 Sonoma Coal QCoal Group OP Met/Thermal na 001.2 000.5 Source: Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines 241.3 253.5 *Notes: BMA = BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance; BMC = BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal; OP = open pit; and UG = underground.

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