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JUN 2019

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Company Profile–Paid Advertisement Sub325 ® Fine Coal Recovery System Somerset Coal International's (SCI) Sub325 ® Fine Coal Recovery System is a powerful sol- id bowl centrifuge technology that has been proving itself in the field for over three years now. SCI recently added Effluent FlotationTM to its Sub325 ® system making it even more attractive to install. While the Sub325 ® cen- trifuge focuses on losses that occur in screen bowl centrifuge screen drain, Effluent Flota- tionTM focuses on losses that occur in screen bowl effluent. SCI is recovering fine coal at an AR-moisture of 16% to 23% while adding 4 to 15 tons per hour of clean coal to the prod- uct belt, depending on the size of the plant and coal characteristics. This breakthrough system enables mines to increase yield and profitability, decrease plant and waste-relat- ed costs by placing ultrafine clean coal to the product belt rather than to the refuse circuit. Field-Proven Results SCI installed the first Sub325 ® system in 2016 and now has 13 systems running in North America. Its sister company, Somerset Australia International, has 5 systems work- ing to produce marketable coal that once re- ported to the waste stream. The premise for installation lies in the fact that screen bowls in coal prep plants cannot capture the smallest size fractions. They are not designed to do so. Even though screen drain is recirculated in an attempt to capture this elusive coal, most of the particles still get lost to refuse. In addition to screen drain, bowl effluent, which reports directly to the preparation plant thickener, is accepted as a new revenue source once captured by the Sub325 ® system. SCI has found the percent- age of solids in these two fine coal streams to be 2 to 4 times what is depicted on a typ- ical plant flow sheet. The Sub325 ® system is designed specifically to capture this lost coal and does so at a marketable moisture. Results are proven using belt scales to measure the "new tons". The Sub325 ® sys- tem gets turned on and off to determine the difference in total clean coal output with and without the technology in use. Added Value with No Costs SCI offers its breakthrough system without any required capital expenditures from their customers. Understanding the economic pressures that many mines face, SCI is will- ing to take the capital risk and provide the system at no cost. Additionally, SCI covers all ongoing costs related to maintenance and repairs. The Sub325 ® system generates sub- stantial value and increased revenue for its customers. Somerset Coal is paid via a mod- est revenue sharing agreement which is sub- stantially weighted to its customers. Environmental and Operational Benefits While the primary benefit of the Sub325 ® system is increased revenue at no cost, it also provides a more environmentally-friendly and efficient operation. Less chemicals are need- ed at the thickener, reducing both costs and environmental impact. The system also de- creases refuse because the fine coal does not report to the thickener, slurry pond or com- bined refuse stream. Additionally, and very importantly, the Sub325 ® system increases efficiency throughout the fine circuit by re- ducing the recirculation load. See for Yourself SCI will perform an in-depth analysis at your plant at zero cost to your company. To learn more about Somerset Coal Inter- national and its breakthrough Sub325 ® sys- tem, or to set up a free consultation, visit www. or call (412) 576-4000. Who's Behind SCI? Founded by individuals with decades of expe- rience in the mining and mineral industries, Somerset Coal International is leading the way in fine coal recovery. SCI partnered with Cen- trisys Corporation – a proven leader in centri- fuge technology who had not been introduced to the coal industry. Using their proven base design, enhancements were made to adapt its use to the coal industry. See our website for bios of the coal professionals behind the scene of Somerset Coal International.

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