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bauma 2013 continued 1960s. More than 1 million of the original pumps have been sold since it was first brought to market. This celebrated design forms the core of this new generation of Flygt BIBO pumps that now include the most advanced pumping technology, bringing the best in dewatering pump capability to the market. "Xylem's new Flygt BIBO includes several innovations such as our DuraSpin hydraulic system for unmatched wear resis- tance, a new plug-in seal and a single impeller-adjustment screw. All of these innovations work together to deliver our customers a pump with high uptime capability and a limited and low-cost service requirement," Westin said. Xylem's new Flygt BIBO is available in four models, 2830, 2840, 2860 and 2870, capable of handling flows of up to 100 l/s (1,600 gpm), heads up to 80 m (300 ft) and solids up to 12 mm in diameter. Available Strength and Safety Key to Rope and Rigging Decisions When it comes to the safety of your operations and your rope and rigging decisions, one color does not fit all— nor does one fiber. Rouster Wire Rope and Rigging, Inc., a full line fabrication rigging shop, has been providing innovatively engineered hoisting, winching and lifting assemblies since 1993—working with industries across the board. Originally using wire rope and chain or common synthetics for base load leg components, along with forged and alloy hooks and hardware, Rouster has been involved with some of the biggest construction projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. We've employed technological solutions, focusing on load rated and certified strengths per our customers' requests. Power generation, transmission and distribution products led the company to the mining industry in 2004 when it was discovered during the testing of HMPE fiber ropes that these 12 strand ropes could replace wire rope and chain assemblies. Since then, we've perfected our methods of eliminating wire rope and chain from the mine to the loadout and beyond. The particular way in which these ropes failed—elongating and then failing, without whipping around, and at higher strengths than the same size wire rope and chain assemblies—allowed Rouster to approach the safety compliance officers of the mines to demonstrate our results. After performing their own exhaustive studies and trial runs in the mines, safety compliance officers are now choosing Rouster's load rated high modulus polyethylene assemblies with the most durable cut gear and alloy fittings. It has now become a widely used and accepted material for winching, retrieval and lifting across all industries where heat is not involved. At Rouster we customize solutions to fit your needs, NOT our inventory. Whether your application demands Spectra¨ or Dyneema¨, remember to buy strength, not color. Give us a call at 800-595-2747 or visit our website at Strength and safety matter. Company Profile—Paid Advertisement 38 with power ranges from 3.7 to 18 kW and (6 to 27 hp), this series of pumps is engineered for professional use in the harshest of environments. LiuGong Expanding into Large Size Machines Go big or go home. This is a popular phrase LiuGong Machinery Corp., Asia's leading full-line equipment manufacturer, takes seriously. In the past four years, the company has quietly expanded its ability to produce large-sized construction equipment machinery. Through smart acquisitions, redirection of some of its R&D efforts and new partnerships, LiuGong now has added large tonnage machines to the top end of several of its key product lines, including excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks and electric mining trucks. "We add larger sized machines to the top end of our lines when we have the right things in place to design and produce them, and to also service and support our customers," said David Beatenbough, LiuGong's vice president of R&D. "Producing these machines requires a certain degree of specialization. That's why our 899 wheel loader was our first foray at the larger machines. We have such a deep experience and reputation with wheel loaders and such a vast product line—it was just a natural for us to start there." Beatenbough added that LiuGong's acquisition of Dressta in 2012 further expanded the company's expertise in bulldozer and track technology. Dressta had a suite of very large machines, and LiuGong is benefiting from Dressta's historic and collective knowledge, he said. "We have two teams running cooperative projects between our Poland facility and China right now. One is to develop an even larger mining wheel loader, and one to develop mining bulldozers," Beatenbough said. Many of these products, including the larger sizes that are in development, will eventually enable LiuGong to address the needs of the mining sector, Beatenbough added. In 2009, LiuGong introduced its CLG 899 wheel loader powered by a 391 kW Cummins engine. The CLG 899 now represents the top end of LiuGong's expansive 13-model wheel loader line. With an operating weight of 50,000 kg and a 6.7 m3 bucket capacity, the machine is capable of safely carrying loads with a top speed of nearly 35.1 km/h in forward and reverse. Its maximum dump clearance of 3,365 mm, allows June 2013

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