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52 June 2017 product news continued and price points for designing, comple- menting and delivering their own scalable solutions. GradeMetrix is the catalyst for delivering a new generation of positioning systems by removing multiple barriers to higher adoption, especially to smaller ma- chines and markets." Manufacturers are looking for flexibil- ity and price performance in system offer- ings. Hemisphere is providing the world's first "full system OEM positioning solution toolkit" for building powerful, easy-to-use, complete machine control and guidance systems with the announcement of Gr- adeMetrix application software and an array of compatible GNSS hardware com- ponents. These include IronOne Rugged Display and Computer, C321 RTK Base and Rover with SiteMetrix Site Manage- ment Software, A326 Rugged GNSS Smart Antenna, Vector VR500 Rugged All-in-One Smart Antenna, and Vector VR1000 Rug- ged GNSS Receiver. Flow Switch Protects Pumps Engineers responsible for industrial water storage, disinfection or effluent treatment systems will find the FlexSwitch FLT93 Flow Switch reduces pump repair and extends pump life by detecting dry running con- ditions. Industrial wastewater treatment systems in mining applications depend on pumps to move water through storage, disinfection, effluent treatment and deliv- ery. Pumps are expensive to operate and costly to maintain — especially when dry running conditions suddenly occur due to system variable demand, leaks, clogs or other problems that can end up damaging pump seals or bearings. The result can be emergency shutdowns, expensive service interruptions and major pump repairs, overhauls or even full replacement. The dual-alarm FLT93 Flow Switch reli- ably monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries and more. It is ideal for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flow rates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heat- ing conditions. With its no-moving-parts design, it offers a highly robust scheme for pump protection. With Alarm 1, the switch will detect a low flow situation anywhere be- tween 0.01 and 3 ft per second (0.003 to 0.9 meters per second). This low flow alarm can be regarded as a pre-warning signal for the control system or operator. The system or operator can then decide to keep the pump running or to shut it down. If an Alarm 2 occurs because the feed line to the pump is running dry, this condi- tion would be an emergency signal to shut down the pump immediately because the bearings now see gas instead of a liquid as a heat transfer media. In such situations, the temperature of the bearings may rise very fast. Using a flow switch prevents per- manent damage to the pump's bearings that will require an overhaul of the pump before more damage occurs.

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