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OCT-NOV 2017

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October/November 2017 37 conveyors continued ESI rocker arm and lighter idlers. ESI can be introduced sequentially during maintenance shutdowns. The pivoted rocker arm bracket is supplied with the same attachment configurations of the conventional roller and it may be mount- ed on a conventional bracket without requiring any adjustments. Cutting Carryback Carryback is one of the main conveyor maintenance problems, and cost gen- erators, encountered in mining applica- tions. CEMA has estimated that carryback can total as much as 3 tons per week on a 60-in.-wide belt traveling at 800 ft/min. Annually, this totals more than 150 tons of material for one belt. If carryback on a conveyor can be reduced from 3% to 1%, it can result in a 67% reduction in conveyor maintenance costs. Martin Engineering aims to minimize this problem, and enhance worker safety, with a new family of heavy-duty convey- or belt cleaner designs, engineered so the blade cartridge can be pulled away from the belt for safe access and replaced by a single worker. Martin Engineering devel- oped the Safe to Service (STS) blades to se- cure both primary and secondary cleaners rigidly to the conveyor mainframe, while offering more versatility and easier ac- cess. Initially available on the Martin QC1 Cleaner HD, Martin QC1 Cleaner XHD and Martin SQC2S Secondary Cleaner, exter- nal servicing reduces confined space en- try and eliminates reach-in maintenance, while facilitating faster blade replacement. "Routine maintenance and replace- ment of blades that require reach-in or chute entry is an unpleasant and poten- tially dangerous task for workers," said Daniel Marshall, product engineer for Martin Engineering. "We developed the STS system so operators could work on the product safely from outside the chute wall, without breaking the plane of entry." The system was originally developed for a client who needed a safer method for workers to replace cleaner blades on the large conveyor system. After field-testing, operators found that the STS design low- ered the chance of injury and required fewer workers to perform maintenance. "Though the STS is currently geared toward heavy-duty conveyor systems, we're working on expanding the technol- ogy to accommodate more of our product line," Marshall explained. "Our ultimate goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate reach-in and chute entry injuries related to blade cleaning and maintenance." Designed for conveyor speeds up to 1,200 ft/min and belt widths from 18 in. to 120 in., the STS system is claimed to be well-suited to heavy-duty applications. Primary cleaner urethane blades come color-coded to suit specific applications and are set in a multihole cartridge, allow- ing the sliding blade rack to be correctly aligned with the material path for effective cleaning. The SQC2S Secondary Cleaner is designed to allow the system to handle belt reversals and rollback with no damage to the belt or splice. U S T S U B A K I . C O M Total Package ROLLER CHAINS • ENGINEERING CLASS CHAINS • BACKSTOPS • SPROCKETS • CABLE & HOSE CARRIERS • POWER TRANSMISSION PRODUCTS WHY RISK GOING WITH ANY OTHER BRAND? Stack the deck in your favor by choosing Tsubaki chains, sprockets and backstops. U.S. Tsubaki's portfolio of Mining products will provide the reliability and durability required to keep your operation running at its best, even in the harshest conditions. U.S. Tsubaki's leading service and engineering support will design the right solutions for your application, minimizing downtime and saving you money. So be an ACE and go ALL IN with Tsubaki! DEAL YOURSELF A WINNING HAND ©2017 U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission, LLC All Rights Reserved.

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