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OCT-NOV 2017

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44 October/November 2017 product news Liebherr Completes Field Tests for T236 Hauler At an international press event recently in Leoben, Austria, Liebherr showcased its T 236 mining truck. This 100-metric-ton (mt) haul truck, which is powered by a diesel-electric drive system, is the first in this class with a four-corner, oil immersed braking system. Since its debut at MINEx- po 2016 in Las Vegas, the T 236 has suc- cessfully completed its testing phase and has recently started its first field operation trials at the Erzberg iron mine in Austria. Capitalizing on decades of proven experience in off-highway truck technol- ogies, the T 236 takes advantage of Lieb- herr's electric-drive system innovations with the vertically integrated Litronic Plus Generation 2 AC drive system. An industry first, Liebherr's Litronic Plus Isolation system ensures the safety of maintenance personnel through the elim- ination of hazards by design. To ensure safety, the T 236 is equipped with dou- ble-pole battery, starter motor and hoist system isolators as standard. Each plug and drive power module are electrically interlocked to grounding devices. Operat- ing on a voltage level of 690 VAC and 900 VDC enables regular site technicians to carry out system maintenance. The revolutionary in-line electrical power train layout minimizes cable length, while the maintenance-free IP 68-rated plug-and-drive power modules ensure re- liable operation in all-weather situations. Combined with the extended life service intervals and minimized maintenance time offered by the ground-level service points, the T 236 ensures maximum uptime. The ergonomic T 236 cab and the su- perior properties of the front-wheel sus- pension system promotes driver efficien- cy with comfort, safety, acceleration and handling for improved performance. The next evolution in Electric Drive System design, Liebherr's Litronic Plus Generation 2 drive system introduces advanced Active Front End technology. Making efficient use of electrical energy during retarding events, the drive system controls engine speed with almost no fuel consumption. A variable-speed hydraulic system reduces parasitic losses to provide maximum power, while lowering fuel con- sumption when power is not required. With its high takeoff torque and con- tinuous power to ground capability, the T 236 is less sensitive to grade and pay- load variations. The T 236 is the first die- sel-electric truck in class to incorporate an oil immersed braking system with four corner retarding capabilities, providing re- liable braking technology. First Aid and Trauma Technology American Rock Salt, the largest producing salt mine in the U.S., has gone above and be- yond compliance to improve safety — by in- stalling the life-saving Mobilize Rescue Sys- tem throughout its facilities. American Rock Salt's environmental manager, Joe Bucci Jr., explained that the mine has a safety pro- gram that is "both proactive and effective." "That being said, if an accident does occur, having the right life-saving training, supplies and equipment is vital," Bucci said. "The implementation of the Mobile Rescue System throughout our mine will help ensure that proper medical care is administered quickly and effectively." Called the "Cadillac of First Aid Kits" by WIRED, the Mobilize Rescue System includes an innovative diagnostic app that will help miners assess, manage and moni- tor medical emergencies until professional first responders arrive. Each unit includes all the equipment necessary to manage severe bleeding, seizures, choking, cardiac arrest, opiate overdoses and much more. "The app provides 'just-in-time' train- ing that empowers bystanders to provide life-saving care," said Seth Goldstein, di- rector of training and education at Mobi- lize Rescue Systems. "The app ensures that an immediate responder, the person pres- ent when the emergency occurs, doesn't Jason Gotham, president and co-founder of Mobilize Rescue Systems, and Joe Bucci Jr., the environmental manager at American Rock Salt.

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