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OCT-NOV 2017

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October/November 2017 45 product news continued have to rely only on memory in the heat of the moment." Dust Suppressants and Ground Control Agents Quaker Chemical Corp. recently show- cased its DUSTGRIP dust suppressants and MINETECH ground control agents. DUSTGRIP JFP-95 presents as a solid material in a cylindrical shape and can be added to any system through a variety of prefabricated manifolds, the company re- ported. This eliminates the need for a liq- uid addition pump, and allows the strength of the suppressant solution to be adjusted quickly, or completely shut off. The solid material allows for a more compacted con- tainer size than a liquid dust suppressant, which means less storage area. MINETECH ground control agents can be dispensed through low- or high-pres- sure dispensing systems for rapid cavity filling and strata consolidation, the com- pany reported. These products provide good penetration into small fissures, have excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and durability, and are fast acting. They are engineered for minimal disruption to the workplace for installation. Komatsu Introduces New Dozer Komatsu recently introduced the D375A-8 crawler dozer, which features an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine that produces more than 20% more horsepower while the dozer is traveling in the reverse direction. The ad- ditional horsepower yields faster cycle times and a productivity increase of up to 18%. This mining-class dozer also comes with structural enhancements for in- creased durability of the mainframe and track frame. The D375A-8 also features an improved suspended undercarriage, larg- er viscous cab mounts, and a new air-sus- pension heated and ventilated seat for overall operator comfort. "Whether its reclamation, large con- struction or production mining applica- tions, the D375A-8 is the right machine for the job," said Joe Sollitt, product manager, Komatsu America. "The durability im- provements to this new model drive down the total cost of ownership while the more powerful Tier 4 final engine significantly increases performance and production. The improvements to the undercarriage, cab suspension, and operator interface will make D375A-8 operators more comfortable and productive throughout their shift." Under the hood, SAA6D170E-7 engine has a net horsepower of 609 hp in the for- ward direction and 748 hp in the reverse direction. No selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) required. A variable geometry turbocharg- er (VGT) improves low speed response and boost. It comes equipped with a high pres- sure, common rail fuel injection system. The dozer has dual Komatsu diesel par- ticulate filters (KDPFs) and high-efficien- cy exhaust gas recirculation coolers. The three-speed transmission with an auto- matically engaging lockup torque convert- er provides increased fuel efficiency and faster ground speeds during long pushes. Experienced. Trusted. Proven. • Scoops (Battery and Diesel) • Longwall Shield Haulers • Battery Haulers • Utility Vehicles • Rebuild and Repair Services • Parts and Support P.O. Box 719 Pounding Mill, VA 24637 Phone 276.991.3345 Simmons Equipment Company

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