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transport tips continued total berthing distance of 1,800 m and alongside depth of 18 m. Unloading operations can be completed within two hours, and loading operations can be finished within four hours. The 120-hectare company yard has capacity for 3 million tons of coal, with annual turnover of 35 million tons per year. The terminal is served by nine rail lines, and can load/unload 350 cars per day. The Port of Bayuquan ore terminal contains Berths 16, 17 and 18. Berth 16 has a berthing distance of 340 m and alongside depth of 17.5 m. Berth 17 has a berthing distance of 359 m with alongside depth of 20 m. Berth 18 has a berthing distance of 452 m with alongside depth of 24.5 m. The ore yard covers 40 hectares and is equipped with a 6,000 ton per hour stacker, a 3,500 ton per hour (tph) reclaimer, and belt conveyors connecting the terminal with the railway. A second ore yard has three railway loading machines with capacity to move 3,500 tph. The Port of Yingkou is building a new ore yard that will bring the ore yard area in the Port of Yingkou to 80 hectares. Dalian—In July 2011, the China Transport Construction Group completed work to expand Dalian's port capacity to 400,000 tons from 300, 000 tons. According to Vale, this brings the total to three Chinese ports capable of handling their 400,000 ton Valemax vessels. The other two are Majishan and Dongjiakou. The Dalian Port Ore Terminal Co. is located on the Dagushan Peninsula. It is home to dedicated ore loading/unloading berths with alongside depth of 23 m. The 30-million-ton capacity ore wharf is equipped with a 64-ton grab ship unloader that can move 2,500 tph. The ore terminal yard covers almost 92 acres, and has capacity for stockpiling 5 million tons of ore. Rizhao—Rizhao is a major Chinese coal export terminal as well as import terminal. Shandong Excellence Huitong Energy Company imports steam coal for Rizhao Electric Power, coking coal for the coking plants, and iron ore for Rizhao Steel. They trade coking coal for coke, which they provide to Rizhao Steel under long term contract. The port has two exclusive coal berths for 150,000 ton vessels, possibly the largest coal berths in China. It also has one berth for 50,000 ton vessels. Annual coal throughput is estimated at 45 million tons. One ore berth can handle vessels of 200,000 tons capacity, and the other can handle vessels of 300,000 tons capacity. Annual iron ore throughput is estimated at 50 million tons. Continued on page 53... December 2012 29

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