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Carlson Mining Software: Built to Meet the Coal Industry's Needs Range Diagram Quarry Block Modeling Carlson Geology, Carlson Underground Mining, and Carlson Surface Mining While Carlson Mining has since applied its applications well beyond coal – to lime- modules from Carlson Mining are known to be easy-to-learn, affordable, and fea- stone, trona, clay, phosphate and all manner of sedimentary deposits – it remains the turing fast-paced technological development driven by clients' needs. This helps software used by more than 90 percent of the U.S. coal industry. In addition, use of to explain why Carlson Software is the largest provider of software for mines in Carlson machine control software, Carlson Grade, TruckPro, and Fleet Manager the United States and also serves companies in Russia, India, South America, Office, has increased as mine management seek to increase productivity, accurately Europe, Australia and more as it expands throughout the world. track materials, and enhance safety on the site. Whether the application is permitting, geologic mapping, underground min- Completely rebuilt, Carlson TruckPro aids the shift foreman or engineer in calcu- ing, surface mining, reserves studies, reclamation or machine control, Carlson lating material types and tonnages hauled for the shift, allowing heavy equipment provides uniquely powerful automation combined with its trademark ease- operators to get instant feedback on their performance statistics; this gives them goals of-use. in which to better perform. Carlson Software is one of the main reasons the U.S. coal industry is unique Carlson Fleet Manager Office is a completely updated and enhanced Command in utilizing AutoCAD® as the dominant platform for mining. Carlson focused first & Control monitoring and data management system that increases both safety and on mapping and permitting tools, but through input from early adopters, new productivity by transmitting data from the machines to the office and from the office to features and methods were introduced, starting with the concept of lisp pro- the machines. This enables managers to see and monitor multiple machines in multi- gramming inside AutoCAD to enter the "take-up" notes of the underground sur- ple views. Activity, GPS status, delay/idle or down time can all be monitored and then veyors. This has led to a comprehensive set of mine mapping tools, including reporting functions allow these aspects to be analyzed. Additional outputs include real projections, symbol placement and mine quantity calculations. time cut/fill and real time elevation at one site or multiple sites all from one location, plus existing surface from all machines at a mine site. Top new improvements in Carlson Mining 2013 include: • New Range Diagram Calculator to design cut and place for draglines with a spread- For reclamation needs, Carlson's unique Natural Regrade program is an award- sheet for data input, dynamic graphics and PDF reporting; forms, "as nature would have done it over thousands of years." This enables mining operations to not only meet, but also exceed environmental standards. Rather than selection by filter; fight the natural forces that shape the land, Natural Regrade with GeoFluv creates a Surface Equipment Timing added methods to assign block sequence by rules landscape that harmonizes with those forces and does not require expensive long- and added real-time display of selected quantities and qualities in scheduling • Geology data management upgrades including a new SQLite database format, new attribute lookup tables, updated user-interface to Edit Drillhole and drillhole • winning solution that regrades surface mines back to stable, natural-looking land- term maintenance and repair. Natural Regrade is ideal for integrating with Global Positioning Systems and selection; and Support for TIN surfaces in Design Bench Pit. machine control, such as Carlson Grade, to simplify and speed construction and Other recent enhancements to the software have included expanding 3D • reduce costs. The need to survey and stake the designs in the field is eliminated abilities within bench pit design, augmentation of the haul truck cycle analysis routines, new spoil placement timing, added options for color setting for enhanced visual feedback in the underground timing sequencing, and increased using these technologies. Carlson Natural Regrade and the full range of Carlson products have been endorsed by the U.S. Office of Surface Mining TIPS program. ability to produce customized, more professional reports. Faulted Seam Modeling Natural Regrade powerful 3D viewer Carlson Mining 102 West 2nd Street • Maysville, KY 41056 • 606-564-5028 Company Profile - Paid Advertisement

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