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DEC 2012

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product news continued Underground will operate out of existing Whayne and Walker facilities throughout the dealers' territory. According to Phil Kelliher, general manager of the North American region for Caterpillar Global Mining, this sale is an important milestone in the integration of the former Bucyrus underground coal mining products. "The trust and confidence Armstrong has placed in us by buying this line of products is absolutely critical," said Kelliher. "This is the example that we want to build on with our customers." The new equipment is being put into service as it arrives, with the final delivery expected to take place in early 2013. Atmospheric Monitoring System Enables Process Control CONSPEC Controls has introduced its updated PLC AMS. The atmospheric monitoring system (AMS), which uses an Allen Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC), was designed not only to provide continuous monitoring of CO and other toxic and combustible gases but also to give the end user the ability to continuously monitor and control all other processes for underground mining operations. Monitors placed along the conveyor belt detect any rise in CO or combustible gases, such as methane, as the coal moves along the belt, providing an early warning of potential hazardous conditions. Information is immediately transmitted to the PLC. On the surface, the operator can clearly locate the problem area, remotely shut down processes in that section, and restart when conditions permit. "These advancements enable miners to spend their time mining, rather than troubleshooting issues with belt starters, motors, cable and gas monitoring equip- ment, said CONSPEC President Rob Albinger. "You don't need to be an engineer or computer programmer to use the AMS or interpret the data. It is as easy as using the Internet. There's no need to write alarm sequences; just click the desired address." The AMS is modular and scalable and easily configured to fit changed needs of an underground mining operation. Heating Blankets Powerblanket's Extra-Hot (EH) heating blankets create a barrier of insulated heat for effective temperature control and freeze prevention. The EH blankets are ideally suited to accelerate the thawing of frozen ground (up to 24 in. deep) for concrete preparation, footings, excavation and other cold weather applications. In extreme weather environments, the blankets have proven effective for curing concrete within strict boundary parameters. Service trucks, fuel tanks and heavy equipment can be preheated with the blankets, which are also useful for melting and preventing snow, ice and frost accumulation on roofs and walkways. The blankets are offered in standard sizes as small as 2-by-2 feet and as large as 6-by-12 or 3-by-25 feet, and custom sizes are also available. Standard models are rated to -10°F/-23°C while Roughneck Gray versions are rated to perform in temperatures as low as -40°F/C. Ultrasonic Testing & X-ray Fluorescence App Olympus NDT recently introduced the Industrial Tech Guide App for Android smart phones. Available for download on Google Play, this free Olympus mobile 66 application contains two knowledge-based sections designed for technicians performing ultrasonic flaw detection and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) inspections. The easy-to-use Tech Guide App is a helpful tool for inspectors by providing fast and accurate calculations for their applications. In addition, the application contains descriptions of all Olympus industrial instruments with quick links for detailed product information or to obtain a request for quotation. Ratcheting Spline Combination Wrenches Proto has introduced a new line of full polish chrome, reversible ratcheting combination wrenches with spline box ends; featuring a new open end configuration that allows up to 13° additional swing. The offering includes 38 fractional and metric sizes as well as four wrench sets. Strata Introduces New Way to Lay Concrete Milliken Concrete Cloth, now provided by Strata Worldwide, is a flexible cement infused fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a durable concrete layer. Concrete Cloth is an innovative way of lining surfaces December 2012

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