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26 June 2018 underground seals continued support inby the seal. "The use of hinges on the jacks was a little unique but made installation much easier on our people," Salley said. Another material handling concern was in the construction of the seal itself. The Micon seal design is constructed of individual concrete blocks that weigh roughly 80 lb each and the miners would be building a structure that was more than 20 ft tall. Obviously, this project would be labor intensive and possess unique haz- ards due to the seal height. In an effort to minimize these mate- rial handling hazards, Warrior incorporat- ed a steel-support platform and material hoist. The steel platform was designed to accommodate the load of multiple pallets of concrete block in addition to construc- tion personnel. A 3-ton hoist attached to a trolley beam bolted to the mine roof was used to place pallets of block on the platform. "We constructed the first stages of the seal in 8-ft increments, each time a stage was completed, we would assemble another level of the steel structure. Once completed, the steel structure would pro- vide standing support outby the seal," Salley explained. Steel cables were also installed to al- low tethered personnel on the steel struc- ture to be free to move while wearing fall protection. No personnel were allowed on the structure unless tethered. Handrails were also installed with each section of the IMPROVING MINE SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY WITH DRIFT PROTECTION Innovative Wireless Technologies recently solved a customer's problem regarding drift of un- derground mine vehicles which travel in tight quarters - as close as six inches to obstacles, including the belt. Based on the cab's location, visibility is extremely limited for the driver in multiple directions. IWT's response to this issue was the development of the BLINDSPOTâ„¢ Sys- tem. A short-range obstacle detection system providing drift protection in narrow spaces or anywhere vehicle operators need notification of close objects, such as belts or walls. "We were thankful for the opportunity to help solve a problem for one of our customers," stated Phil Carrier, vice president of sales and market- ing. "Innovation and problem solving is the foun- dation of our company and what differentiates us from other suppliers. We feel many mines can take advantage of this product's capability." The BLINDSPOT System consists of a con- trol unit, full color operator display, an audio buzzer and up to 16 programmable sensors for placement along the vehicle. Each component is contained in rugged housing to withstand un- derground mine conditions. The sensors can be mounted with screws or by strong magnets. The sensor range is user-defined to meet the specific needs of each scenario, while the display unit shows distance of each sensor on a color bar where green indicates a safe distance, yellow is caution and red is a warning. An audio buzzer completes the system with a user-defined tun- able frequency up to 100dB. For more information on BLINDSPOT or to discuss how IWT can help you solve your mining issue, contact COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT Miners construct the seal from steel-support platform.

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