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32 June 2018 powered haulage continued Seat Belt Usage Juliette Hill, accident investigation pro- gram manager for MSHA's Technical Sup- port Division, led the discussion on seat belt usage or the lack thereof. Reviewing mobile equipment accidents over the last 10 years, she said U.S. mines experienced 38 fatalities involving mobile equipment where miners were not wearing their seat belts. "In 35 of those accidents, the victims may have survived if they had used the seat belts," Hill said. These numbers and determinations were based on the condition of the equip- ment after the accident, i.e., the condition of the cab, whether the seat was still bolt- ed to the floor, etc., Hill explained. "In 30 of the 35, they had an adequate seat belt, but didn't use it," Hill said. "For the other five, two of the seat belts failed and two did not have a seat belt, and the other is still under investigation." The most important number, Hill noted, is that approximately three miners die each year across all accident classifications simply because they are not wearing their seat belts. She discussed a fatality involving a water truck, where the driver was ejected because he was not wearing his seat belt. The truck then rolled over him after he was ejected. Several root causes were identified during this accident investigation, including not wearing a seat belt, Hill said. "The condition of the truck after the accident indicated that, if some type of interlock device would have prevented the truck from moving or placed into gear until the seat belts was fastened, it may have prevented this fatality," Hill said. Reliable Presence: Key Component of a Successful Partnership. For more than 40 years, Richwood has committed to be a valuable partner to cli- ents in the bulk material handling industry. Heavy-duty conveyor accessories like belt cleaners, Impact Saddles ® and wear liners have been an important part of providing innovative solutions. Today, Technical Field Services is a growing part of that partnership. According to Jon Teams, Safety/Service Division Manager, "The availability of expert technical staff can be an asset at locations that are increasing productivity while trying to maintain staffing costs. We foresee the Richwood Service Division expanding our range of services and continuing to develop strong partnerships with our clients. He con- tinued, "A mine has two main goals, safety and productivity. Our reliable, efficient and expert installation and maintenance ser- vices have been proven to increase the avail- ability, safety and operating cost efficiently of belt conveyor systems while reducing workload on mine maintenance personnel. Simply put, we deliver the kind of results that our clients need," Teams said. Technical Field Services is a natural ex- tension of Richwood's commitment to their overall mission: "The people of Richwood design and manufacture premium conveyor accessories and provide services that help our customers optimize productivity in bulk material handling. Our reliable presence helps ensure our clients' safety and profit- ability in their operations. Richwood's goal is to create long-term relationships built on mutual respect and trust." According to Engineering Manager Geoff Stoll, this partnership is a collabora- tive effort that recognizes the needs of the application and specifies the right equip - ment for each challenge. "When the correct solution is put in place, downtime is mini- mized, customers reach productivity goals and work environments are safer. Clients can concentrate on growing their business- es when they no longer have to worry about conveyor issues like carryback, uncontained load zones or belt mis-tracking." When it comes to "Our reliable pres- ence…." Technical Service is there to pro- vide ongoing support of client operations. Teams said, "Our Service Technicians take a great amount of pride in their work and that shows in the quality of their work and their attention to detail on every single job," he said. "It takes a great deal of dedication to consistently deliver superior results for our clients and each and every time we do just that." Richwood believes that a focus on prov- en solutions and expert advice has helped built a reputation for reliability with a track record of success. Taking care of that prod- uct with Technical Field Service is simply a continuation of the commitment to partner with each client. For more information on what it means to part- ner with Richwood go to COMPANY PROFILE-PAID ADVERTISEMENT

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