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June 2018 41 suppliers news continued sion, which combines LED and safe spectrum UV for the first time in a mine-duty lighting system. This pat- ent-pending technology not only de- livers 50% brighter LED light, but the custom-developed LED array better il- luminates reflective materials on cloth- ing, helmets, machinery, storage boxes, cables and other marked mine items for higher visibility and greater contrast, dra- matically improving the safety benefits of reflective materials, the company said. Historically, reflective materials have relied on standard mine lighting for visibility. Not until UVision has a light been developed to make them truly stand out, whether viewed directly or through Matrix's camera systems. In par- ticular, when installed on mobile equip- ment, UVision provides the operator with additional peripheral and enhanced direct illumination, which could improve operating efficiency and provide the op- erator with an additional tool to help avoid collisions. The lights fit standard round enclo- sures, making staff retraining and equip- ment restocking unnecessary. Matrix also offers UVision lighting in its similar XP enclosure (pending MSHA-approval) and non-XP housing. Moreover, UVision, which can be integrated with machine control systems to provide enhanced functionality like automatic red reverse lighting, offers all these elements for about the same cost as traditional LED lights. UVision is not just brighter, its better, the company said. Hexagon Launches Rebranding Effort at Tech Conference Hexagon AB announced a rebranding campaign at HxGN LIVE 2018, the com- pany's digital tech conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reorganization and rebranding of its mining product portfolio is designed to simplify how customers evaluate solutions across the lifecycle of mines. The new portfolio consolidates numerous products into streamlined solution packages and in- troduces a new naming convention, the company reported. The portfolios are now titled HxGN MinePlan for mine planning products and solutions; HxGN MineOperate for oper- ations solutions; HxGN MineProtect for safety solutions; and HxGN MineEnter- prise for enterprise solutions. Additionally, the company reported it had introduced subscription licensing, improved user interfaces, and strength- ened support and services. Roughly 3,000 representatives from an array of sectors and industries attended the conference, which featured talks and demonstrations on products, solutions and services leveraging Industry 4.0 and proto-5.0 technologies. Belt Tech to Distribute More Superior Equipment Superior Industries Inc. named Belt Tech Industrial as full line dealer of the former's bulk processing and handling equipment. Belt Tech will sell and ser- vice Superior's crushing, screening, wash- ing and conveying equipment through- out Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Founded in 1991, Belt Tech has distributed Superior's conveyor components for two de-cades from service locations in Wash- ington, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. Fairmont Supply Launches New Website Fairmont Supply launched a new eCom- merce website, The site has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality, and enhanced rich content focused on the company's range of products and solutions, includ- ing their trademarked FairStock and Fair- Choice service offerings, the company reported. The centerpiece of the site is eCommerce capabilities, the company re- ported. Fairmont Supply operates 19 fully automated distribution centers through- out North America. Martin Engineering Opens Facility in Australia Martin Engineering opened a factory- owned manufacturing facility in Queens- land, Australia. The new facility will pro- vide direct sales, service, training and manufacturing to the rapidly growing Australian mining segment. The move will provide factory-direct customer access to locally manufactured products, as well as technical service from experienced and factory-trained technicians. Company of fi cials said having local production will allow the company to sup- ply its products at lower prices, reducing the overall cost of ownership. Among the manufacturing capabilities are the fi rm's proprietary technology for producing belt cleaner blades, using its custom-built work cell. Work at the new facility, above, will allow the company to supply its offerings locally at lower prices. (Photo: Martin Engineering).

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