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June 2018 43 product news continued The controls are designed to help the shovel be more efficient, but not clip power usage, Singleton said. "By under- standing the dig cycle inherently through holistic management of the machine, we help to increase shovel performance, such as higher hourly production rates and lower cycle times, and eliminate damaging or time-wasting events, such as boom jacks," he said. "Inevitably, by increasing production without sig- nificantly increasing energy usage will lead to a more efficient dig cycle when looking at energy usage per ton of material moved." The shovel also features the PreVail remote health management system, which Singleton describes as an "early warning system," and the Track Shield collision detection and mitigation sys- tem. The latter, he said, involves sensors that "allow the machine to detect where it is operating on a geometric plane." That and other planes "can at times intersect and the specific intersection being dis- cussed represents a collision between the dipper and the crawler shoes," Singleton said. "By being able to predict, based on operator inputs, the situations where the dipper and crawler shoes will hit, we can take minimal yet effective evasive action, which will lead to maintenance efficien- cies by not having as much damage to the dipper and latchkeeper and a minimiza- tion of damage to crawler shoes and con- necting pins over time." The dipper is perpetually assessed by P&H Payload, a monitoring system that relays to the operator the weight of the payload. An upgraded system being tri- aled features "ease-of-configuration," as an anchor feature, Singleton said. Since 2013, the company has been field-testing the shovel's various systems, to include the new dipper, the direct-drive crowd, and the Adaptive Controls. The machine is 15.2 m long by 15 m wide by 3.3 m high from the ground to the bottom of the counterweight slabs. Work- ing ranges include a cut height of 18.9 m, a cut radius of 24 m, a max dump reach of 19.4 m, and a dump height of 10.8 m. The dipper capacity maxes out at 77.6 m 3 . It requires at least a 3,750-kilovolt-ampere supply transformer. The company said the shovel can in- crease production by as much as 20%, which Singleton attributes to its abili- ty to load trucks in three passes. "One of the keys to capturing this production potential is having enough trucks for the machine to effectively load, and also the speed with which the trucks can be load- ed," he said. With the upgraded swing system and the Adaptive Controls, it can handle a dig cycle "as fast or faster" than the 4100XPC AC, he said. "So, the shovel isn't simply a slower machine with a larg- er dipper designed to three-pass load ul- tra-class haul trucks," he said. "Rather, it is an optimized machine with a larger dipper that will load as aggressively as the market standard 4100XPC AC."

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